Blood Trail Audiobook and Huge Sir Edge News!

Howdy, folks! I have two big announcements.

The first onet up is audiobook related.

The “Tallow Jones: Blood Trail” audiobook has been completed and I submitted it for processing by Audible and Itunes last week. It should be available for sale in 5-10 business days.


The finished book is 11hrs 45 min.

TallowCover-AUDIO 2400x

Andrew Tell wasn’t able to narrate this one, so I accepted auditions and found a great replacement. He a talented newcomer. His name is TJ Clark. He did a fantastic job, folks. His voices for the characters are great and his delivery is spot on. He will be taking over narration duties on the Tallow Jones series from here on out. Check out the sample. It’s from the first chapter and you get to hear that moment that’s featured on the cover.

Let me know when you get your copy.

Now for my second HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

Sir Edge is coming this month!! That’s right. Here’s my plan for rolling this out. On Wednesday, November 21 I will reveal the cover here and on Facebook. That same day, I will make the book available for preorder on Kindle. The actual release date will be November 29th! Stay tuned. I’m really excited about the cover for this one. Here is the product page teaser.

Sir Edge is part one of the Dark Prophet Saga, the beginning of an action-packed new chapter in the Bowl of Souls Universe!

The Dark Prophet has been biding his time. He has spent centuries without a body, but now he is ready for his return. There is only one obstacle standing in his way.

In the sixteen years since their marriage, Justan and Jhonate have gone through many adventures together. During this time, Justan has grown into the name given to him by the Bowl of Souls. He is now truly SIR EDGE. He has the fame and glory that he had dreamt of as a child, but those things mean nothing to him anymore. He is now embroiled in a new conflict and driven by a deep pain within him, a pain fifteen years in the making . . .

Join Edge and his bonded on an epic journey that will take them to places both holy and wrought with evil. Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.


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Blood Trail Paperback Release and Audiobook News

Great news, folks!

Tallow Jones: Blood Trail is now available in paperback.

Tallow Jones 2 Rough Draft 5

In addition, the Blood Trail audiobook is very close to being completed.

We hope to finalize the book in a few days and then it will take Audible and Itunes 2-3 weeks to make it available in the store. Stay tuned. I will keep you informed.

Also, there is one more bit of huge news.

SIR EDGE is nigh. We are just talking weeks away. I will have the book available for pre-order a week or two before release. As of later today, my Patreon Alpha Readers will have the first 18 chapters available to read. A special thanks to all of my Alpha Readers. Your comments have greatly helped me as I have developed this book and the world around it.

Once again the amazing Renu Sharma has designed the cover for me The full cover reveal will happen the day the book is available for pre-order. Here is a sneak peak image from the cover.


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Sir Edge is underway!

That’s right, folks,

I am writing Sir Edge NOW!
Today I sent the first chapter to my Patreon Alpha Readers and I am half way through with chapter two. They will be reading each chapter as I finish it and give me feedback along the way until this book is ready to be published. If you are interested in being a part of the creation of this book, you can join my Patreon at the link below.

EDIT 10/7 I just uploaded chapter 6 to Alpha readers. Still writing away!

I currently have slots open for more Alpha Readers. You can also have a character named after you or for you, create a monster for use in the new Saga or even create your own town in the Known Lands.

Another reason you may want to join my Patreon is simply because you like what I write and want to support me. Writing full time is more difficult financially than it was when I put out the Moonrat Saga. Amazon has changed and it’s harder to get the word out or generate new sales. So please, give it a chance and be a part of this new Saga.

Like I say at the end of each book, The Bowl of Souls needs your help.

P.S. For those curious, I will be continuing the Moonrat Saga Villains Bracket. It’s time for the semi finals after all. It’s just that with the timing of the release of Tallow Jones 2 and starting up the second book, my time has been limited. I will post the next game soon!


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Tallow Jones: Blood Trail is LIVE on Amazon Now!!

Yes, folks! It’s true. The book is finally here. Get your copy of Tallow Jones: Blood Trail today!!TallowCover-FINAL


Here is the Amazon description:

A master wizard takes on the bloodiest murder spree in Atlanta history!

On the brink of finally breaking the dwarven smuggling ring in Atlanta, Tallow Jones Wizard of Mysteries, discovers a far more gruesome monster let loose on the streets. Was this killer brought to our world by the dwarves? Or is it a homegrown terror?

People are being killed by magic and Tallow finds himself one step behind.

Through it all, Tallow must deal with modern-life problems like family, demons, finances, deadly pheromones, knitters, dating life, and an earth elemental bound to a pet rock.

Give it a try today! Explore this new side of the Bowl of Souls universe!

That’s true. for those of you who haven’t read the first book, the Tallow Jones books are part of the Bowl of Souls Universe. Master Tallow was named at the Bowl of Souls and was Locksher’s master and was the Wizard of Mysteries before him.

To celebrate the release of this book, Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective has been put on sale for 1.99 until 9/24!




Some Stats:

25 Chapters

107,000 Words

200+ Reginalds

More 70’s pop culture references than you can shake a stick at.

Thank you everyone who has been patiently waiting as this book has taken me the better part of a year to finish. I have dedicated this book to you.

Trevor H. Cooley

P.S. As a special final treat I’d like to offer this fanart of our beloved Aarin from the Tallow Series. Artwork by

Aarin 2 by De

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Tallow Jones 2 Release Imminent!

We are just days away from the big sequel to Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective.

That’s right. Days. As in a couple days. As in Tuesday or Wednesday September 18th or 19th.


This book follows the adventures of Master Tallow, Wizard of Mysteries as he tries to solve his biggest case yet, the bloodiest murder spree in Atlanta history. You know there will be magic involved, and dwarf smugglers, and demons, and knitting, and eating of weird foods, and an earth elemental bound to a pet rock. It’s a Tallow book.

Also, there are even more tie-ins to the world of the Bowl of Souls. We learn more about Tallow’s time at the Mage School and one minor baddie we met in Priestess of War takes a major turn here.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to pick up the first book yet, now is a great time. You could probably finish it just in time to start this one.

Thank you all for your patience. Sir Edge is up next and I know that most of you have been waiting for that one. I am starting on it right away and hope to have the first chapter to Alpha readers as soon as a week after Tallow hits.

It’s wild times here at Cooley Ranch. Stay tuned!


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Moonrat Saga Villain Tournament Part 2

Edit: Game 5 and the game 6 preview have been added. 9/13

Howdy Folks and welcome to Round One of the Moonrat Saga Villain Tournament! We had an exciting play in round to set up the action and the bracket is now set. Moonrat Saga Villains 8-25-18

We’re doing this playoff style. One match up at a time. You can vote here in comments, on Patreon, on Facebook, or on our Discord server. I will tally the votes and update the bracket with the winner. Updates will be posted here. Lenny Firegobbler, as usual, will be reporting from the studio after each match.

The contest isn’t about who would win in a  straight up fight, but what villain did you think was the best character. Did they make you scared, frustrated, grossed out? Then they were probably a success. Who do you think was a better character? Feel free to vote in comments and give your reasons why.

Once we make our way through the bracket and have a winner we will switch to the Jharro Grove Saga Villain Bracket. The winners of the two will face off in an epic showdown!

Let’s go to a recap of the events this far, featuring clips from Lenny Firegobbler, our studio commentator.

Moonrat Saga SPOILER WARNING. We will be discussing events that occurred throughout the saga if you haven’t finished it yet.

Play-in Game 1: Dann Doudy VS The Raptoid Assassins

Dann Doudy was the noble we learned about in “The War of Stardeon” who arrived at the Academy as the new Dremald Rep just before the siege began. Not only was he an all-around jerk and obvious plant by Ewzad Vriil, he has the man who killed Ewzad’s parents so that Ewzad could become head of House Vriil. By the end of the book he had also slain Tad the Cunning, Demon Jenn, and Swift Kendyl, wiping out a devastating chunk of the Academy Council.

The Raptoid Assassins were six creations of Ewzad Vriil that appeared in Book Five. Three notable ones were Hungry, Clara, And Kassy. Extremely vicious and totally under the thrall of Ewzad, they conducted a night time raid on the beseiged Mage School and killed many important Academy warriors and wizards, notably Sabre Vlad, Forge Master Stanley, and Fire Wizard Munsey.

The match seemed very even to begin with, but in the end it wasn’t even close. Here’s Lenny with the report.

“Thisun was easier to pick than my own dag-blamed nose. That blasted no-good leg-lifter Dann Doudy was a real road apple and Vriil’s magic turned him into a nasty-arse critter, but that’s nothin’ up against those six raptoid-hell-spawn. Hell, Deathclaw gives me the heebies and he’s a friend of mine. Them things were nightmares on clawed feet!”

End vote totals: Dann Doudy: 29%   Raptoid assassins: 71%


Play-in Game 2: The Plant Golem VS Hamford

If you remember, the Plant Golem was created because Mellinda helped Mages Arcon and Pympol, and Cadet Piledon implant a literal chaotic mass of nightmares into the body of an immensely powerful automaton made of trees and vegetation. With malicious glee it destroyed many Mage School buildings such as Beehn’s house and the Clocktower, as well as killing several people including the captain of the guard, Alphonze, who Tarah had a crush on.

Hamford was the older brother of Kenn Dollie and wasn’t a villain by choice, but he was Ewzad Vriil’s servant and did his bidding for many years. He was abandoned in the desert with Deathclaw and unwittingly led him to Dremaldria before getting Kenn involve with Ewzad Vriil. He tried to kill Deathclaw with a horde of Ewzad’s monsters and watched with Horror as Kenn was turned into a Bandham-like monster. Overcome by grief, he was caught spying on Ewzad for Wizard Valtrek and was turned into Ewzad Vriil’s giant mount. He finally got his revenge on his master, crushing him just before his own death.

I wasn’t sure how this matchup would go. I didn’t know if people would be more inspired by the fearsomeness of the Plant Golem or the depth of Hamford’s storyline. It was extremely close. In fact, it was a dead on tie. Facebook had Hamford with a slight edge, but Discord gave it to the Plant Golem. In the end I had to scour comments for the tie breaker and found an extra vote in comments on one of the Facebook posts. Here’s Lenny with the match report.

“What a dagum nail-biter! I was squirmin’ in my britches watchin’ this blasted thing play out. Poor Hamford’s a bit of a limp-wristed flower-sniffer, but I’ll be damned if he ain’t always mixed up in the thick of the bad. Felt sorry fer the fool. Looked like he was gonna win over the crowd. But then came a nut-shakin’ roar and that huge tree-eatin’ back-breakin’ clock-hater run in and freaked the crowd out! It was neck and trunk, but the golem squeaked it out in a close one!”

End vote totals: Hamford: 49.8%   The Plant Golem: 50.2%

The first match-up of the tournament proper is up next.

Match 1: The Dark Prophet VS Arcon

Also known as David, one of the four original prophets, he was put in charge of the Goblinoid Races. Eventually he went rogue and became known as the Dark Prophet. After many centuries of rebellions and second chances, John the Prophet led a group of heroes to the Dark Prophet’s palace and destroyed his physical body. That was 200 years before the Moonrat Saga. In this saga, the Dark Prophet has taken the form of the Dark Voice, greatly weakened and barely clinging to this world, he can only speak with his servants that have tied themselves to him by evil sacrifices. He spends the saga scheming to get a new body so that he can reclaim his place in the world.

Arcon is a mage who was ensnared by Mellinda after coming across one of her moonrat eyes on the trail. He was seduced by her power and allure and betrayed his friends, feeding her information from within the Mage School and handing out Moonrat Eyes to select students and faculty that were ripe for her control. He did most of the work to create the Plant Golem and killed his friend Piledon to keep him from talking. When discovered, he fled to meet Mellinda in person, where a special moonrat eye was placed in his chest and he learned the true horror of the creature he had been working for. He ended up killing the king’s councilors at her behest and stayed at Ewzad Vriil’s side until the end, when he cut the Rings of Stardeon from the wizard’s hands and fled the country.

Who will win. Who is the character whose story impacted you the most during this saga? It’s your time to vote! This match will end on 8/30!

UPDATE 8/31!

Game 3 is in the books! It was WAY closer than I imagined. Facebook had The Dark Prophet with a win. Discord favored Arcon. It was a tie broken by a single vote from Patreon. The Dark Prophet wins the Match and moves on. Here’s Lenny in the studio with a report.

“Hell, folks, this shouldn’t have been a big dag-blamed deal. The Dark Prophet’s the dag-gum biggest of the bad. Sure Arcon was once an ankle-chasin’ kid with a sob story, but he was a garl-friggin’ idjit! He got moon-eyed about a nasty-arsed witch made of bugs and leaves! So when it come down to it, the Dark Prophet won. He might not’ve had a body to kill folks with, but he was pullin’ all the strings of the ones who did!”

End vote totals: Arcon 49% The Dark Prophet %51

Next match up is Talon Vs Kenn Dollie!

Kenn was a bully with delusions of grandeur who nearly cost Justan entrance into the Academy. He ended up getting kicked out of Training School for kidnapping and assaulting Jhonate. Then he betrayed his own parents to take possesion of the house and became one of Ewzad Vriils servants. Eventually Ewzad fuzed his body with a still-born bandham and he became a huge fiery monster. He fought Talon to a standstill, half-melted Charz, and killed Qyxal before the Scralag took him down.

Talon was a raptoid and Deathclaw’s sister. She was changed into humanoid form and stolen by Ewzad Vriil who twisted her into a lethal abomination whose only thoughts were of death and pain. She killed countless people by his command before being freed by Deathclaw. But even then she couldn’t shake her ways. Under Mellinda’s control, she was responsible for the death of Master Coal. The saga ended with the Prophet freeing her of Mellinda’s compulsions and sending her on a path to possible redemption.

Who was the better villain? Remember, this isn’t about who would win in a physical fight. It’s about who was the better character? Who made you cringe. Who made you fear for the good guys? Voting ends September 4!

Match 4 of the Moonrat Saga Villain Tournament is in the books!

It wasn’t even close. Here’s Lenny Firegobbler reporting from the studio.

“All these matches’ve been too dag-gum close. An overmatched fight like this’un was long overdue. Kenn Dollie was a snivelin’ weasel-whipper. A no-good nostril lolly licker. A real skid-mark on the long johns of his family tree. But Talon was a mean, ornery, crazy-arsed, killin’ machine that took a few dag-blamed bashes to the head to knock some sense into her. Even now, I can’t bear to be ‘round her. Feels like she could snap any durn moment. Anyway, Talon wins.”

Talon %76 Kenn %24

Next up is Match 5 and Ewzad Vriil slithers into the mix and goes up against play-in winner, the plant golem.

Ewzad Vriil comes from a long line of bad nobles. He managed to keep his magic secret from the Mage School and became self-taught, using his magic to take advantage in the courts of Dremald. Ove rtime he had his parents killed, framed his sister and her husband for it, and even killed the king. He did all that before sacrificing a childhood friend to gain the Rings of Stardeon. Ewzad Vriil was responsible for more death and destruction than any dark wizard in 200 years.

The Plant Golem was made of pure earth magic and plant material and anchored together with elven herbs. With Mellinda’s help, Arcon, Piledon, and Pympol reached into the world of dreams and pulled out a chaotic amalgamation of nightmares to inhabit it. The resulting monstrosity wreaked havoc on the Mage School, killing and wounding students and faculty and tearing down the centuries old clock tower.

The golem beat Hamford in the opening match of the tournament. Does it have a chance against the worm-fingered Ewzad Vriil?

Update 9/13

What a busy week, what with Tallow 2 nearly out. But I wanted to update you on the tournament. Game 5 is done. It was a good one. Here’s Lenny with the report.

“Dag-gum! This was one of those fights we all knew was gonna end a certain way. Yeah, the golem was a blasted scary piece of work, but that nasty-arsed, noodle-fingered, nose-lifter, Ewzad Vriil was the worst! He killed hunnerds of poor beasts to make his monsters and killed on a dagblamed whim. Anyway, Ewzad won by a friggin’ lot!”

Ewzad Vriil 87% Plant Golem 23%

Next up is match 6

 Mellinda VS The Raptoid Assassins

The six raptoid assassins, created by Ewzad Vriil at the end of War of Stardeon were supposed improvements over Deathclaw and Talon. Each one of them had unique attributes and they were all deadly. They won out over Hamford in the play in rounds and now they are up against a big one.

Mellinda. The Moonrat Mother. The Dark Goddess. The Troll Queen. She has had many names over the years. Once named at the Bowl of Souls, she was a Bonding WIzardess married to Stardeon. But she cut her ties to her husband and the Creator itself. Mellinda became all about gaining power, surpassing even The Dark Prophet at one point

Who is the best villain. Who made you scream? Who made you squeam? Vote now. The winner faces Talon in the semi finals!

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Moonrat Saga Villain Tournament Bracket

Updated 8/20!

Howdy folks!

So, as I’ve been gearing up for The Dark Prophet Saga I’ve been thinking of some fun ways to interact with you guys. I tried the new poll question function on Facebook and it was fairly successful and that gave me an idea. Why not have a series of character tournaments leading up to the release of “Sir Edge” later this year?

Now the Facebook poll function is limited on pages. They only let us put two options up for vote on any one post. So the way it’s going to work is we’re going to do this playoff style.

We’ll do a villain tournament and hero tournament with each tournament split up so one side features characters from the Moonrat Saga while the other side features characters from the Jharro Grove Saga. We’ll start with our Villain Tournament and here is bracket 1. It is the Moonrat Saga Bracket.

moonrat saga villain bracket photo

Printable PDF: moonrat saga villain bracket

The way this is going to work is that I will post each match-up every few days on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and Patreon. I will tally the votes and update the bracket with the winner. Updates will be posted here.

Once we make our way through the bracket and have a winner we will switch to the Jharro Grove Saga Villain Bracket. The winners of the two will face off in an epic showdown! Stay tuned!

We start with the play-in games. First up is Dann Doudy VS the Raptoid assassins. The contest isn’t about who would win in a fight, but what villain did you think was the best character. Did they make you scared, frustrated, grossed out? Then they were probably a success. Who do you think was a better character? Feel free to vote in comments and give your reasons why.



Update 8/20

The results for the first play-in match are in and here’s Lenny with a report:

“Thisun was easier to pick than my own dag-blamed nose. That blasted no-good leg-lifter Dann Doudy was a real road apple and Vriil’s magic turned him into a nasty-arse critter, but that’s nothin’ up against those six raptoid-hell-spawn. Hell, Deathclaw gives me the heebies and he’s a friend of mine. Them things were nightmares on clawed feet!”

End totals from Facebook and Discord:

Dann Doudy: 29%

Raptoid assassins: 71%

Next up: The Plant Golem VS Hamford

If you remember, the Plant Golem was created because Mellinda helped three students implant a literal chaotic mass of nightmares into the body of an immensely powerful  automaton made of trees and vegetation. With malicious glee it destroyed several Mage School buildings as well as killing several people including the captain of the guard, who Tarah had a crush on.

Hamford was the older brother of Kenn Dollie and wasn’t a villain by choice, but he was Ewzad Vriil’s servant and did his bidding for many years before getting his revenge on his master after being turned into an immense giant mount.

Vote in comments or on the Facebook or Discord. The poll will end on 8/24

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Tallow Jones: Blood Trail Update and In-depth Look at the Artwork by Ethan Nicolle

Howdy Folks! It’s time for some cool updates. August is going to be a big month around here at Cooley Ranch.

First of all, a new chapters of Tallow 2 will be going out to alpha readers (That’s anyone at Squirrel level or higher on Patreon) starting August 1st. I have reached the point with this book that most of the plotlines are buttoned down. The end of my writing pass is in sight so these will be coming fast and quick in the coming weeks.

This is all happening because my goal, fingers crossed, is to have Tallow Jones: Blood Trail finished by the end of August. EDIT: So now it’s September. Stay tuned for more updates.

What this also means to all you Bowl of Souls fans is that I will be starting principal work on the first book of the new Dark Prophet Saga: “Sir Edge”. So if any of you want to have a character in the new saga named after you, or design a monster or town to become part of the saga, now is a great time to join the Big and Little People Tribe on my Patreon and let me know!

Thank you all for your patience these past long months as I have struggled to get to this point.

Now for some fun inside info on the creation of the Tallow 2 cover.

For Tallow Jones book 2 my friend Ethan Nicolle, creator of Axe Cop and Bearmageddon agreed to design the cover for me. He started with this composition page so I could choose how I wanted it.


I liked the positioning of Tallow in the top right panel and the oxbear in the bottom right, so he sent me this sketch.


After I approved the sketch he did a quick photoshop mockup.


Then he went through a painstaking process of painting over the image to create the amazing final product.


The detail work on this is amazing. Here are a couple examples. First of all, check out the bear’s ear and zoom in. See that fly?

ear fly

Also, and this will be big for Bowl of Souls fans, check out Tallow’s cane. If you look closely you will see elemental runes and his NAMING RUNE. Ethan modeled it after a drawing I made. There is a representation of a tallow candle in the center.

Tallow cane

It’s beautiful work. And as a fun aside I’ll end this post by showing you a birthday present sent by a reader. It’s Tallow Jones fanart by featuring Agatha, Aarin, and everyone’s favorite bound elemental, Reginald Rockingham III.



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Tallow Jones Book 2 Cover Reveal and Updates!

Howdy folks! I know it’s been a bit quiet around these parts. Tumbleweeds were blowing the last two months, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes.

I’ve been working on a few side projects as well as writing the sequel to Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective. I’m ready to announce some things.

One thing I have done was change the series title for the Tallow Jones books. For a while I had it as “The Tallow Novels”, but I never really liked the feel of it. I also called it, “The Tallow Jones Mysteries”. But neither of those titles said much of what the book was about or dealt with its ties to the Bowl of Souls Series.

I finally settled on the series title, “Wizard of Mysteries“. I think that readers of the Bowl of Souls will get where that comes from seeing as how Tallow was the Wizard of Mysteries at the Mage School before Locksher. So “Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective” is “Wizard of Mysteries Book One”.

Book 2 will be titled, Tallow Jones: Blood Trail and I think this may be my best book cover yet.

Blood Trail cover Ebook

Click to enlarge

I am very excited to announce that this cover was made by my friend Ethan Nicolle! Some of you may recognize the name. He is the co-creator and artist of the webcomic sensation, Axe Cop as well as the creator and artist of Bearmageddon, and he is working on an upcoming book titled, Bears Want to Kill You. You’ve probably seen his bear memes passed around social media, (often unattributed). Please check him out and support him!

Ethan’s work on Bearmageddon and the site Bearmageddon News made him come quickly to mind as I considered the cover for Blood Trail. The scene is from the opening chapter of the book where Tallow is confronted most unexpectedly by an oxbear.

Now, I am very tempted to post that chapter here. It explains the cover image and makes for a great preview of what is ahead for the characters, but it also ruins the big twist of book one so I’m hesitant. Let me know if you think I should post it anyway so that those of you who have read Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective can wet their whistles.

If you haven’t read Wizard of Mysteries book one, you should do so now! There have been a few hitches and delays along the way, but Blood Trail is slated for release this summer. If you want to become an Alpha Reader and get a head start, go over to my Patreon Page and join up at Squirrel level or higher. You can read my finished chapters so far and give me feedback. Help me edit the book and let me know what is working.

Also, I should tell you all that I have begun outlining my next book, Sir Edge which is part of the Bowl of Souls Series and book one of The Dark Prophet Saga. The saga takes place 16 years after the events of Behemoth so the characters and world will be in a very different place from when we last saw them. Also, there are certain children who will have grown up enough to start on the path to their destinies.

I’ll start principle writing as soon as I’m finished with Blood Trail so if you want to get in on this book early it’s another good reason to join my Patreon. You can choose certain levels of patronage that let me name a character in the book after you or even create your own monster or city in the world. Check out the page for details!

Thank you all for your patience and support. I am excited to share these stories and characters with all of you!

Trevor H. Cooley


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New Bowl of Souls Ad

Howdy, Folks!

I have been putting those Patreon funds to use. Here is my new short ad for the Bowl of Souls series. It is running on youtube and Facebook. If you see this ad in the wild please like and share!

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