Since putting out his first book: Eye of the Moonrat in May of 2012, Trevor H. Cooley has sold over 200,000 copies of his books in ebook and audio formats.

He was born in South Carolina and has lived all around the United states, including Utah, New Mexico, Michigan and Tennessee.

His love of reading started in the second grade with Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain series. He couldn’t get enough and continued with David Eddings, Tolkein, Robert Jordan, Stephen King, and many others. Since then, all he wanted was to become a published writer.

The characters and concepts that eventually became the Bowl of Souls series started in his teens. He wrote short stories, kept notebooks full of ideas, and generally dreamed about the world constantly. There were several attempts at starting a novel over the years.

Not long after he was married, his wife told him to stop talking about the story and write it down. Many years and rewrites and submissions and rejection letters later, he finally put the books on Amazon. In August of 2013 he quit his day job and started writing full time.

He is happy being a self-published writer, but is open to inquiries by agents and publishers.

The Bowl of Souls series is:

The Moonrat Saga

Book One: Eye of the Moonrat (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book 1.5: Hilt’s Pride (cover design by Justin Cooley)

Book Two: Messenger of the Dark Prophet (cover design by Sarah Alderete)

Book Three: Hunt of the Bandham (cover design by Justin Cooley)

Book Four: The War of Stardeon (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book Five: Mother of the Moonrat (cover design by Renu Sharma)

The Jharro Grove Saga

Book One: Tarah Woodblade (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book Two: Protector of the Grove (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book Three: The Ogre Apprentice (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book Four: The Troll King (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book Five: Priestess of War (cover design by Renu Sharma)

Book Six: Behemoth

The Dark Prophet Saga

Book One: Sir Edge (Upcoming


Noose Jumpers Series:

1: Noose Jumpers: A Mythological Western (digital cover by Andrew Tell, paperback cover by Justin Cooley)

2. Noose Jumpers 2 (Upcoming)

He is also working on a contemporary fantasy novel about a wizard ripped from the world of the Bowl of Souls series and thrust into our world. It is tentatively titled: Tallow Jones, Wizard Detective. Release date unknown.

He currently lives in Tennessee with his wife and four children.

To contact Trevor, send him a message using the contact link at the top of the page.



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  1. Just curious where in Tennessee you used to live. I’m TN too. Near Chattanooga.

  2. Reuben says:

    So where are the BOS extracts or teasers? I’m sure the public wants to know. Also, you could do mock interviews of the characters from the book on your site, even give a blog indicating what they’re doing “post-novel”. It must be pretty hard for an ogre to re-transition into the modern world, not to mention a dragon. How do people react when you walk into a wal-mart and ask for a pair of checkered skater shorts in your size?

    Your humorist needs to submit some stuff to “the onion”. Imagine the publicity that would be for your site.

    I recommend a chess puzzle for retards. I’d do it for you if I knew how. “Checkmate in 8” and it’s impossible to do it in more than 3 moves. Or “Find the pin”, and there’s only two kings on the board, nothing else.

    Great site, Trevor. Rock on

  3. Paul says:

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    Paul Nigher

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