New Audible Packages for the Moonrat Saga

Moonrat Saga Part 1

Howdy, Folks! I’ve got some good news for anyone looking to experience the Bowl of Souls Universe in audio.

When I first heard about audiobooks I never thought they would be for me, but who among us doesn’t spend time driving or doing chores? Instead of listening to music or a podcast, why not try listening to an audio performance of a book you enjoy? It’s a fun format and I find that I often pick up things that I didn’t notice while reading on my own.

However, it can be a bit overwhelming to look at the 13 books in the Bowl of Souls and think about buying all the audiobooks.

So I reached out to James Foster and Andrew Tell and we agreed to split the Moonrat Saga into two packages to make it easier for people to try out the series. 5 audiobooks for two Audible Credits.

The Moonrat Saga Part 2

The saga is split the way it is mainly because James Foster narrated the first two books and Andrew Tell narrated the rest.

Both parts are now available on Audible. Check them out! Both narrators do a beautiful job.

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