First Two Chapters of HALFBREEDS!

Howdy, Tribe and non-tribe alike. It has been kind of quiet around here for a few months as things in my life have slowed my progress down, but that is about to change.

In preparation for finishing “Halfbreeds” the latest book of the Bowl of Souls series, I have been going back over the beginning chapters I posted for Alpha readers early this year and I have made some updates, rewrote the opening paragraphs, ETC. I am now posting the first two chapters for everyone. You can consider these the BETA form of the chapters. There could still be the odd change or two by the time the book is published.

The chapters have been posted on my Patreon page, but you do not have to be a patron to read them. Link here:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments! Let me know if you see errors or anything. If you wish to become a full Alpha reader and read the book as I write it, see my Patreon front page for details on how to do it.

For my Alpha readers, I’m not forgetting about you. The latest versions of the completed chapters will be up soon. After that, chapters 8 and on will be posted until the book is complete. It’s an exciting time.

Also, everyone, keep your eyes peeled for a special promotion happening this weekend that will help you spread the word of the Bowl of Souls to your friends and fence-sitters who haven’t started the series yet. I’ll post more about that later this week.

Thank you all!

Trevor H. Cooley

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