Lenny Swears Tales

(Note: Lenny Swears ran on twitter from January to August 2013. I took some time off of the project as I finished Mother of the Moonrat and I realized that as much fun as I was having with it, Lenny didn’t have enough followers to keep it up. Twitter is a challenging format to use and I wouldn’t mind starting it back up in the future, but for now I have put it on the backburner. Leave a comment below if you would like Lenny Swears to return. If he gets enough followers on Twitter I just might do it. THC)

A sampling of statements from the diary of Lenui Firegobbler: Master Weaponsmith, Campside Cooky, Swinger of Hammers, Connoisseur of Curses,  and lover of fine muscular women.

This page updated monthly.

To see the live tweets follow @lennyswears on twitter. Or go here and check it out:

January 2013

Lenny gives his advice, starts the story of the Moonrat attack on Wobble

February 2013

Lenny ends the story of the Moonrat attack, gives his parenting advice and advice on love, and begins the story of his trouble with curses.

March 2013

Lenny continues the tale of his trouble with curses which comprises the whole month.

April 2013

April continues Lenny’s trouble with curses as he hunts down one of the Ten Monsters of Legend

May 2013

Lenny approaches the kholoth.

June 2013

Jenny faces off with the legendary kholoth.

July 2013

Lenny finishes his confrontation with the kholoth and ends the tale of his trouble with curses.

August 2013

In which Lenny meets a hot half-dwarf.

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