Pronunciation Guide and Character list

Note: I have debated doing a pronunciation guide for a long time. I didn’t want to do it primarily because I know that readers develop their own relationships with characters. Once you start thinking of a character’s name a certain way, that becomes part of the character for you. When an author tells you that you have been thinking the character’s name wrong all along, that can be a jolting experience. It can take you out of the story and that’s the last thing I want. However, people have been requesting this guide and since one day there will be an audiobook and if there is ever an eventual movie (fingers crossed) readers will hear the names as I intend them anyway.

Note 2: This pronunciation guide is written using a pseudo phonetic spelling system invented by me and therefore likely full of confusing inconsistencies. What I tried to do is put the pronunciation in such a way that it is easily understood without using strange punctuation that I don’t even know how to find on my keyboard. In addition, please understand that I am an American and the pronunciation examples are influenced by my mid-western accent. (see Djeri for an example).

So here it is. Note there may be minor spoilers for those that are still in the middle of the series. I have tried to keep those to a minimum, but nevertheless they are there.

Enjoy and let me know if I leave out anyone or anything important.





Justan (jew-stahn)

Kenn (kinn)

Benjo (binn-joe)

Jhonate (juh-nah-tay)

Faldon the Fierce (fal-donn)

Sabre Vlad (say-burr vlad)

Tad the Cunning (tad)

Hugh the Shadow (hew)

Stout Harley (har-lee)

Oz the Dagger (ahz)

Swift Kendyl (kinn-dull)

Mad Jon (jahn)

Qenzic, son of Sabre Vlad (kinn-zick)

Zambon (zam-bahn)

Jobar Da Org (joe-barr duh org)

Riveren (river-inn)

Hamford (ham-furred)

Rudfen (rood-finn)

Tamboor the Fearless (tam-bore)

Poz, son of Weld (pahz)

Willum, son of Coal (will-uhm)

Xedrion Bin Leeths (zed-ree-un bin leeths)

Swen the Feather (swinn)

Tarah Woodblade (tare-uh wuhd-blade)

Gad the Brawler (gad)


Wizards and Mages

Ewzad Vriil (you-zad vrill)

Wizard Valtrek (val-treck)

Wizard Locksher (lahk-sure)

Mage Vannya (vahn-yuh)

Mage Arcon (arr-cahn)

Mage Pympol (pim-pole)

Wizard Beehn (bean)

Piledon (pyle-donn)

Wizard Randolf (ran-dahlf)

Mellinda (mell-inn-duh)

Wizardess Sherl (shurl)

Master Artemis (are-tumm-us)

Mistress Sarine (sir-een)


Named Warriors and Wizards

Sir Hilt (hillt)

Stardeon (star-dee-ahn)

Master Latva (lat-vuh)

Master Coal (cole)

Sir Edge (edj)

Master DeVargas (dee-varr-guhs)

Sir Lance (lants)

Master Tolivar (tah-lih-var)

Sir Weld (welld)



Darlan (dar-luhn)

Elise Muldroomon (ell-eez mull-droo-muhn)

Nala (nah-lah)

Becca (beck-cuh)

Beth (beth)

Rolf Beraldi (rahlf burr-all-dee)




Qyxal (kicks-ull)

Antyni (ann-tee-nee)

Yntri Yni (in-tree in-ee)

Lyramoor (leer-uh-more)

Elder Toinyt (toy-neet)

Elder Penytri (pinn-ee-tree)




Lenui Firegobbler (linn-wee fire-gob-ler)

Chugk (chuck)

Nhed (nedd)

Pall (paul)

Djeri (jerry, but with a French accent)

Daeve (dayv)

Rahbbie (rob-bee)

Blayne (blay-n)

Donjon (dahn-jahn)




Vincent (vinn-sehnt)

Alfred (al-fred)

Cletus (clee-tuss)

Dixie (dix-ee)

Aloysius (al-low-ish-us)

Tobias (toe-bye-us)


Other (monsters and such)

Fist (fist)

Deathclaw (deth-clah)

Talon (tal-uhn)

Gwyrtha (gweer-thuh)

Bettie (bet-tee)

Samson (sam-suhn)

Honstule (hahn-stewl)

Charz (charrz)

Durza (durr-zuh)

The Scralay (scray-lag)


Noble Houses



Pross (prahss)

Stots (stahtss)

Roma (roe-mah)

Tensow (tinn-soe)


Vriil (vrill)

Doudy (dow-dee)

Preen (preen)

Smarn (smarrn)

Woldon (woel-duhn)

Slarr (slarr)

Tuing (tew-ing)


Gnome Scholar Houses:

High –

Mur (merr)

Tre (tray)

Ska (skah)

Tam (tamm)

Middle –

Fan (fann)

Bol (bowl)

Hon (hahn)

Set (set)

Low –

Dew (dew)

Min (minn)

Dark –

Gin (ginn)

Mal (mall)


Roo-Tan and relationships

Leeth House

Head: Xedrion bin Leeths (zed-ree-on)



1. Herlda bin Shun (hurl-duh shoon)

2. Sandine bin Fayn (san-deen fain)

3. Faldreth bin Shun (fall-dreth shoon)

4. Alexis bin Hoon (ah-lex-iss)

5. Meldreth bin Shun (mel-dreth shoon)

6. Jhandra bin Tayl (jon-druh tail)

7. Liz bin Tayl (liz tail)



(The numerical columns are Order of birth – Mother)

1-1 Xeldryn (zell-drin)

2-1 Hubrin (hew-brin)

3-3 Sen (Sehn)

4-2 Qurl (curl)

5-1 Xendrol (Zen-drahl)

6-3 Fleen

7-5 Krath

8-1 Victrol (vick-trahl)

9-5 Drem (drim)

10-6 Jhexin (jex-in)

11-3 Sendrex (Sehn-drex)

12-6 Pelgroth (pell-grahth)

13-7 Filip (fill-ip)

14-5 Bernthus (burn-thuss)

15-6 Trincy (trin-see)

16-7 Jhonhilt (joen-hilt)

17-4 Xalex (zal-ex)



(The numerical columns are Order of birth – Mother)

1-1 Herldax (hurl-dax)

2-2 Xandine (zan-deen)

3-2 Serdann (sir-dan)

4-4 Jeanene (jin-een)

5-4 Meldexis (mel-dex-iss)

6-6 Jhonate (joe-nah-tay)

7-2 Perlotta (pearl-otta)

8-4 Lassa (loss-uh)

9-7 Cindine (sin-deen)

10-7 Lizbeth (liz-beth)


Roo-Tan Clans


Shun (shoon)

Fayn (fain)

Tayl (tail)





Cities and Places


Reneul (ruh-new-ull)

Sampo (sam-poe)

Dremaldria (drim-all-dree-uh)

Dremald (drim-alld)

Trafalgan Mountains (truh-fal-gun)

Malaroo (mal-uh-roo)

Alberri (al-bare-ee)

Mallad (mal-luhd)

Khalpany (cal-pan-ee)

Razbeck (raz-beck)

Fandine River (fan-deen)

Tinny Woods (tinn-ee)

Wobble (wah-bull)

Roo-Tan’lan (Roo-tahn-lahn)

KhanzaRoo (con-zuh-roo)

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