Magic Systems

Magic Types

Elemental Magic

A rare trait among humans (and, to a lesser extent, other inferior races) allows a person to control the behavior of certain natural elements with his or her mind. Sometimes this ability is found also in half breeds. The Mage School is always on the lookout for young people who display the ability to use this type of magic. If one such person is found, the wizards round them up and force them to learn at the Mage School until they are deemed safe to re-enter society. The types of elemental magic are below:

Air – Water – Earth – Fire

 Elemental magic users are usually strongest in one element, followed by a lesser ability in another, with very small amounts of ability in the other two. The wizards put themselves into categories depending upon these strengths.

Air and Earth – Lightning Wizard

Air and Fire  – Inferno Wizard

Water and Earth – Mud Wizard (Most common type. They make good healers.)

Water and Fire – Steam Wizard



Air and Water – Ice Wizard

Fire and Earth – Magma Wizard


Spirit Magic

A rare trait among humans (and, to a lesser extent, other inferior races) allows a person to us their own spirit to influence others in various ways. Hundreds of years ago it was forbidden at the Mage School and most folk in the known lands don’t know it exists. The reason why has been debated but it is generally thought to be because each type of spirit magic can easily be turned to evil. The types of spirit magic are below:

Blessing This magic can be used to enhance the abilities and attributes of others. Those who are proficient in this magic are called Sorcerers.

Bonding This magic is the ability to communicate with others mentally. Those who are proficient in this magic are called Listeners.

Binding This magic is the ability to take a soul of a fallen creature and bind it to an object, forcing it into service. Those who are proficient in this magic are called Enchanters.

Bewitching This magic is the ability to influence the actions of other creatures. The success of such an attempt depends of the subtlety of the user and the intelligence of the victim. Those who are proficient in this magic are called Witches.


Bonding Wizards

A power controlled by the Creator himself allows certain individuals to create a permanent bond between themselves and another creature. This ability has been given generally to those with high mental acuity, though the Creator has chosen others from time to time. This bond allows both the wizard and his bonded to communicate mentally and to share strengths.

Bonding Wizards cannot control who they bond to, but there is one common caveat. There must be a mutual need. The wizard and the person he or she bonds to must have a weakness that the other can fulfill. For instance, a wizard that is intelligent, but weak, may bond with a creature that is strong, but unintelligent. The bond would then increase the strength of the wizard and the intelligence of his bonded.

The benefits of the bond are limited by the physical nature of the race. For instance, a human bonded to a giant cannot become stronger than humanly possible.

The number of bonds a bonding wizard can have is dependent on the mental capacity of the wizard. Juggling the thoughts of other beings puts a large amount of mental strain on the wizard and too many bonds could break their mind.

The bond is permanent and lasts until death, at which point the power gained by the bonding wizard from his bonded will slowly fade.


Blood Magic Races

These beings differ from the other races in that their magic is internal, coming from their very blood. It is also omnipresent, meaning that every member of their race has this magic, though the strength of the magic inside them may vary. The other common characteristic  between the races is their long life spans, though that too varies from race to race.


Elves (life and an affinity for earth magic) – Of standard human height, but on the slender side, their pointed ears and agility are their main physical trait. Every fiber of their being is full of life, insomuch that their hair, skin cells, and even waste are of great use in potions. Their blood is so full of life that the drinking of it can cause vampirism)

Dwarves (toughness and resistance to magic) – Short, ranging from 3 ½ to 5 feet tall, they are tough and muscular. They have long lives and societally favor hard work and dependability above all else.

Gnomes (mental focus and an affinity for spirit magic) – Tall and thin, ranging from 6 to 7 ½ feel tall, gnomes are long lived, but their extreme ability to focus mentally on one particular topic causes them to be absent-minded. They are well respected for their scholarly work and many of them have human caretakers called stewards that help them with their physical needs.

Dragons (adaptability and an affinity for elemental magic) – By far the most varied of the blood magic races, their ability to change to fit any given environment means that dragons vary greatly in size, appearance, intelligence, and ability. This also makes their body parts highly sought after for magical potions.

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