Noose Jumpers:

Book One: Noose Jumpers, A Mythological Western


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Gunslingers, gamblers, and gods clash in this fantastical version of the American West.

The Noose Jumper Era – A chaotic time of lawlessness in the late 1800s when a growing tide of outlaws, prodded by otherworldly forces, engaged in a race to become famous. Most of them ended up at the noose.

Three young men emerge from a small town in the territory of New Mexico. They are bound by a pact and guided by mysterious powerful beings that no one else can see. Together they must face off against the Sheriff of Puerta de la Muerte, a wicked man who cannot be struck by bullets. Are they destined to become legends, or are they just mere Noose Jumpers?


The Bowl of Souls series:



1. Eye of the Moonrat


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What if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wanted to do most?

Justan was raised on the outskirts of the premier Battle Academy in the known lands. His only goal in life has been to enter the academy and become a powerful warrior like his father. Unfortunately, he has failed the entrance exams multiple times. He is given one last chance, but there is a condition. He must undergo a year’s tutelage under a fierce warrior woman from a far off land.

Meanwhile, an evil wizard of immense power is transforming wild creatures into an army of monsters. Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.


 1 1/2. Hilt’s Pride

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Sir Hilt is forced to delay an urgent mission when he sees a lone woman climbing a dangerous mountain. She refuses his help but when Hilt discovers that the prophet was the one that told her to climb to the mountain’s peak, Hilt realizes that it is his duty to accompany her.

What dangers lie in their way? What reasons did the prophet have for bringing them together? Will all their plans be derailed by Hilt’s Pride?

The events in Hilt’s Pride take place just after Hilt leaves Justan at the Training School part way through Bowl of Souls: Book One. This is a stand alone story and can be read apart from or along with the rest of the series. This story contains no spoilers to the rest of the series, but contains a lot of information that enhances the backgrounds of several characters including revealing previously untold information about Jhonate’s past and the history of her people.



From here on out, reading the descriptions of the books in the series will reveal plot points that are major and could ruin some fun surprises. You have been warned!!

2. Messenger of the Dark Prophet

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Justan begins his two year sentence at the Mage School unsure how he is supposed to fit in amongst the mages and wizards, a physically weak group of people he has never identified with. Can he learn how to control his new powers without losing his identity as a warrior? Can he stick to his plans while the mother of the moonrats tries to destroy the school from within?

Fist and Deathclaw have escaped Ewzad Vriil’s grasp before. But the wizard’s secret army grows as does his influence in the kingdom. What will they do upon coming face-to-face with The Messenger of the Dark Prophet once again?


 3. Hunt of the Bandham

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Ewzad Vriil’s keep has fallen and Justan has been reunited with his friends. But the kingdom remains in turmoil. The mother of the moonrats still builds the Dark Prophet’s army of monsters in the mountains and the Battle Academy’s forces are weakened.

Justan’s bonds with Fist and Gwyrtha have made him stronger and faster, but the more he learns about his powers, the more questions he has. He seeks out the bonding wizard Master Coal, hoping that the man can teach him what he needs to know about his magic before he hurts his bonded and himself.

Deathclaw has freed Talon from Ewzad Vriil’s power only to find that she is no longer the sister he used to know. Meanwhile, a new creature is born; a beast designed to hunt dragons. Will they survive the Hunt of the Bandham?


4. The War of Stardeon


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The Battle Academy has been besieged by an army of goblinoids under the control of the mother of the moonrats. They bide their time, keeping the academy out of the fight while Ewzad Vriil prepares to unleash a force of mutated monsters.

Jhonate and Faldon the Fierce have begun to unravel the mystery of the mother of the moonrat’s identity, while Justan and Master Coal have learned the secret of Ewzad Vriil’s powers. Both groups scramble to find a way to help the academy, but neither of them knows the full extent of the forces they are up against.

Will they be able to gather the strength they need to win The War of Stardeon?


5. Mother of the Moonrat


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The end is near.

The Battle Academy and Mage School forces have joined, but they are outnumbered by Ewzad Vriil’s army of mutated men and Mellinda’s forest of monsters.

There are spies on both sides, assassins on the hunt, secrets to be revealed, and Justan’s magic will be unleashed. But there is one thing they haven’t considered. Even if they can somehow overcome Ewzad Vriil, will they be able to destroy The Mother of the Moonrats?



6. Tarah Woodblade


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The war is over, but there is a void of power that must be filled and no shortage of men eager to fill it.

Tarah Woodblade was the best guide and tracker in the land, but she ran away from the war. She returns to Dremaldria expecting to be labeled a coward, but finds herself lauded as a hero. It seems a hero is needed too, because someone is hunting rogue horses . . .


7. Protector of the Grove


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Jhonate’s reprieve from her father has been cut short. She is forced to return home to Malaroo, bringing Justan along with her. The journey she has avoided for so long has become all the more difficult because someone wants Justan dead.

The rogue horse Esmine, a mythical beast of remarkable power, has been captured by a troupe of dwarf smugglers. They are taking her to the nation Alberri where a gnome scholar awaits with a vicious plan to sacrifice the beast and bind its powerful soul to make a weapon of mass destruction. Tarah Woodblade must gather a group of warriors and rescue Esmine before she is taken to Alberri.

Evil stirs. Darkness is building. But can anyone trust Xedrion, The Protector of the Grove?


8. The Ogre Apprentice


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Fist is the only ogre ever to train at the Mage School. Yet he forces himself to learn faster than the other students knowing that Justan will soon need him. Justan is far away in Malaroo, struggling to win over Jhonate’s father while a deadly shape-shifting assassin seeks his life, endangering those around him.

Fists plans are derailed and his burgeoning powers tested when he receives a visit from the tribe he had long thought dead. An army closes in on the grove, a new race of beasts emerges from the swamps, and a great evil grows in the mountains. The survival of the known lands may depend on the strength of The Ogre Apprentice.


9. The Troll King


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He was born a king. Half troll and half man, he crawled from the womb of a god and found himself leader of a deformed but powerful race. As he struggles to lead his people Mellinda slithers into their midst. She wields the Rings of Stardeon and she has her own plans for his people.

A prophet has been taken. A demon army joins the enemies of the grove. Will Justan’s might and Tarah Woodblade’s powers be enough to help Jhonate’s people protect the Jharro Grove? It may all depend on the choices made by The Troll King.


10. Priestess of War


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Born of war and kept young only by the darkest of magic, the Dark Prophet’s most powerful priestess has returned to the Trafalgan Mountains to take control of the Black Lake’s mindless evil. Now, with a growing army of the infested and dead under her power, she turns her gaze on Dremaldria.

Fist’s chances of helping his former tribe destroy the Black Lake are bleak at best. The combined help of the Academy and the Mage School may not be enough to help him defeat The Priestess of War.

11. Behemoth


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The Behemoth was created a thousand years ago, its body stretching for miles under Malaroo’s swamplands turning them into a dangerous and uninhabitable place. Now it has learned to swallow the peoples of Malaroo and transform them into its own army; a twisted mix of troll and man known as the Trollkin. It hungers to consume the power of the Jharro Grove and if it succeeds the world will be plunged into darkness.

Justan and Jhonate, forced to hold off their wedding until the threat is over, find themselves stuck between the two rival factions that are the only hope of defeating the Behemoth and its everlasting hunger.

Join Justan, Fist, and Tarah on an epic journey that will pit them against dark forces that plot to destroy the Jharro Grove and end the world. Ogres and trolls, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.



12. Sir Edge

Upcoming . . .



1. Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective

Tallow final Ebook

When Detective Douglas Jones’ son goes missing under strange circumstances everyone assumes he ran away. The first break in the case comes when a long lost relative shows up with a new name and a strange tattoo on the palm of his left hand. His name is Tallow Jones. He is a private detective . . . and a wizard.

A wizard is needed too, because people being abducted is just the tip of the iceberg.


Upcoming Sept 2017 Learn more here:




109 Responses to Books

  1. Prath says:

    I’ve re read every single book like 4 times, this is my fav series along with the Inheritance series, so much more to say but hopefully Trevor replies? 🙂

  2. Morgan says:

    Hey Mr. Cooley!

    I absolutely cannot wait for the next Bowl of Souls book to come out! I hear that it’s coming out in late spring. I’m assuming that would be May? For some reason May is a really famous month for authors releasing books. I’m waiting on about five to come out this May =/ Oh well. It’ll give me less time to be searching for books to read!
    Anyway, I just figured I’d ask so that I can put a rough date on my calendar, that way I’ll be sure to not miss it!


    • Morgan,

      I am glad you’re excited for the next book. Unfortunately, it has been delayed a bit. My work on Noose Jumpers has taken longer than expected so I have had to push my start date on the next Bowl of Souls book ahead. Right now I am expecting an August release.

      • chris nichols says:

        Ah! Man Just finished the last one, Hoping I had timed it just right,

        • Did you read Noose Jumpers yet? If not, you have one more you can do while I finish this one up. Also, if you could please leave a review on Priestess of War that would help me immensely. Thank you!

  3. Sam says:

    hey trevor! i absolutely love this series, im an english student at university in England and ive been living off fantasy series for about 13 years now. as you can imagine i must have gone through hundres of books and series by now but this has fast become one of my firm favorites! i think that at times a few of the monsters faced can be a little too fantastical but at the same time the system governing magic and the sheer amount of truly original ideas, concepts really make this series stand out from the pack and explore what fantasy can do! so can you let me out of my misery and let me know when the next installment will be released!!
    anyway thanks for the great stories, without fail they’ve brought colour and excitement to dull afternoons stuck inside!

    • Thanks so much, Sam! Those are huge compliments. As for the next book in the series, I am planning to write it as soon as I am finished with Noose Jumpers. That should be out in a few weeks. Book Ten of the Bowl of Souls will follow probably late spring. Thank you!

      • Sam says:

        Great i look forward to it! Its given me a lot of new directions to think about in my own writing so thank you aswell. Any favourites of your own to share? id recommend Will Wight’s Travellers Gate trilogy, another recent find on the kindle store that took me in new directions!

        • Thanks! If you haven’t read David Eddings, I’d suggest giving that a try. Also Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy. Also if you want to get really out there in the realm of wild creativity, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is a mind bender.

        • Also Tad Williams’ Otherworld. It gets a bit slow at times, but overall is an amazing work.

          • Sam says:

            Ive toyed with reading the Otherworld so ill definitely give that a go, Mistborn seems to be one of those series for me, i see it all the time and read the blurb now and then, nothing really grabs me, although i recently came unstuck with Peter V Brett’s painted man series in the same way so migh be worth going back too!

          • I know what you mean and Mistborn has a bit of a slow start, but the premise and magic concepts are really unique and the series has one of my favorite final books of any trilogy. Truly mesmerising.

  4. Eric Thompson says:

    I was wondering if you could write a book about the life of Lenin Firegobbler. I think he is one most interesting characters and I would like to more about his history and why he is called the called the Hero of Thunder Gap.

    • Eric, I have considered doing that. Lenny is one of my favorites and readers seem to like him. I just don’t know when I would be able to get to it. maybe after The Jharro Grove saga is complete.

  5. Connor says:

    I love your books, i only just read Messenger of the Dark Prophet! Cant wait to read more!

  6. Love your books Trevor. I haven’t found a good series of books in a while and these got me hooked! Any ideas when the troll king will be on Amazon? I’m just a few pages away from finishing the ogre apprentice and I really want to continue with this amazing story”

    • Thanks so much, Hayley! I’m glad you are enjoying the story. I’m hoping to have the Troll King completed by the end of August. I’ll be unveiling the cover soon on this site and probably posting the first couple chapters to keep people excited.

  7. Gary says:

    I listen to audiobooks while at work and just blew past all three of the bowl of souls books in the last week on Cant wait for the next book. I jumped on to your site to see when the next book was going to be released and i noticed you have a list of books. Now the forth and fifth book are those already released and are just not on yet? If they are i may need to run to my nearest book store to buy them.

    • Gary,

      Yes, book four and five are on Kindle and in Paperback, as well as the first three books in the next series which continues the story. Hilt’s Pride is the next audiobook coming up in a couple weeks and then War of Stardeon, though I’m still not sure just how long that should take. We are going to be putting audiobooks out as quickly as we can.

  8. TNT man says:

    So when should i expect to see it on amazon?

  9. Tim says:

    I’m a trucker that uses the audible app for entertainment on the road, I’ve listened to the first 2 that are available on audible, I’m eager for the rest to be available on audible narrated by James Foster as the first 2 are.

    • Tim,

      I am glad that you enjoyed the first two books. Book three should be available by the end of the week if Audible’s release schedule is on time.
      Unfortunately, James will not be narrating the remainder of the books. He was busy with other work and we mutually decided it was best to move on.
      My new narrator is Andrew Tell. He does a fantastic job with the characters and world. I hope you like his style just as much as James’.


  10. Jack says:

    Thanks. I am currently rereading the series.

  11. Jack says:

    I love the series so far I am excited for the book! I love the series so far and like all of the 2nd series. my favorite is the first one because it includes funny people and stuff.

  12. Greg Stephens says:

    An outstanding seies with endearing and well developed characters. Thank you for sharing this story with us. I am a big fan and look forward to reading the troll king. I am an avid epic fantasy reader and Justan and Fist are becoming some of my favorite characters of all time, that says alot when you think about characters like Breunor and Drizzt, Aragorn and Gandalf, Jimmie the Hand and Pug. I hope you stay in your groove and continue to write furiously as waiting for the next book will not be easy!

    • Thanks so much, Greg. I am honored to have characters in such fantastic company. I am excited to get this book finished and out to you. It will be sometime this summer!

  13. Jack says:

    cant wait to read it

  14. Zack says:

    Keep up the good work these books are awesome can’t wait to read the next one

  15. Casey Steed says:

    I discovered your Bowl of Souls series a couple weeks ago. I received a kindle for Christmas and have been gorging myself since. I’ve read mostly decent books, a few weren’t readable ( for me, that’s really saying something) and a few more stole my heart. I am a bibliophile, and have been since I was little. My tastes in books are very eclectic; my corporal bookcases carry L’Amour, Cussler, Knootz, Grafton, Evanovitch, and tons more. For the last ten years or so, while other genres are in my rotation, fantasy has taken the lead. I grew up with Terry Brooks and Tolkien. Now Butcher, Goodkind, Fiest, McGuire, Hamilton and more, share space. I was halfway through your series when I realized, that I needed Cooley on my shelves too. It’s not hard for a story to be good. It’s not hard for a story to be told well. However, finding that together, is. Thank you for your babies. I know that each book is your child, and how we want our children to be liked. Not only are your children likable, they are to be respected as well. Having read them all twice, almost back to back, I eagerly await The Troll King, and am very pleased that you plan to continue the series for quite some time. SPOILER: The fourth, shouldn’t have been mentioned, female Prophet? Makes me think about further down the road…..

    • Casey,

      Thanks so much for reading my books. It is an honor to be mentioned along with those other writers. Some of them are favorites of mine. Koontz, Terry Brooks, Butcher, and Goodkind are great.

      SPOILER: That fourth that was “accidentally” mentioned is definitely something for further down the road. I have at least two series planned beyond this one and I like to sprinkle hints of what’s to come throughout the series.

  16. Hey. I’m vision impaired so I can’t read the kindle editions of these books so I have to rely on the audiobook editions. I hope the narrator doesn’t take too long to sort his schedule out. If possible and if its affordable, you should see if you can book him for a couple of weeks straight and get him to do all of the books upto the present one so that he doesn’t have to keep coming back in every now and then.

    • Shannon,

      I an glad you have enjoyed the first two books. I wish it were as simple as having him hammer out the narration in a few weeks, but it actually takes about a month to finish the work on one audiobook. And I need to listen to it before okaying it. Then it takes Audible a couple weeks for processing before the book is available. In addition, he has other projects he is working on for other authors so that slows it down a bit.

      However, this year, we are going to speed things up from the way they were last year. We’ll see how quickly we can get them out.


  17. Petri Jänkälä says:

    Just recently found this book series and I’m completely hooked. I have been listening to the first and second book as audiobooks at work to pass the time. They are amazing to sum it up in one word.
    When will the third book, Hunt of the Bandham, be released on audible? If it isn’t soon then I might just have to pick up the book and read it. I’m dying to know what happens next.

    I love these types of books and stories with a hero that has amazing powers that he doesn’t understand and can’t fully control.

    I have finally found a fantasy book series that feels like it was written just for me. The bowl of souls series is perfect, so far.

    • Petri,

      Thank you so much. What a huge compliment! I am currently in negotiations with the narrator and he is quite busy at the moment so I’m not sure how long it will be until I can get Hunt of the Bandham out on Audiobook. As soon as I learn more I will post about it here. It will at least be a couple months.

      • Well, couldn’t wait for the audiobook for so long so I ended up reading them all. Now my problem is that I have to wait till summer for the next book.

        And I’ll have you know that I like this series even more after I’ve read all the books.

        The Ogre Apprentice was fantastic! (spoiler) I had been waiting for that moment at the very end of Fists storyline ever since we found out about him being a wizard. I can’t wait for him to reunite with Justan and the rest.(/spoiler)

        My mind is churning trying to figure out what’s coming next. Keep up the great work. I’ll be waiting first in line for the next book.

        One question(well two to be fair). You wrote previously that you wanted to release 3-4 books in 2015 but are those all in the Bowl of Souls series/universe and how many more have you planned out as of today?
        You don’t have to answer that last part if you feel that you want to keep that close to your chest and not promise too much.

        • Petri,

          I am so glad you are enjoying the books. To answer your two questions, I hope to release 2-3 more books this year. two Bowl of Souls books and perhaps one in a new series, but I’m still a little hush-hush about that one. Stay tuned.

          As for the future, I am planning on two more books in the Jharro Grove Saga. After that, I do have plans for two more sagas in the Bowl of Souls series. After that, we’ll see. Right now I can’t imagine a time when I would say I am done with the Bowl of Souls.

        • Shannon Marino says:

          Petri, while you are waiting on other audio books from the Bowl of Souls series, you might try David Eddings Belgariad series from Books in Motion out of Washington. It is read by Cameron Bierle, who is one of the best. I read other books in that series after listening to some of them narrated by him, and could still hear the different voices of his characters while reading. I also don’t believe Mr. Cooley would mind me promoting another Author as he likes Eddings also. 😉

          • Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out after I’ve listened to to the last available audiobook for John Daulton’s The Galactic Mage series. While the narration isn’t anything to write home about I was intrigued enough about the premise to see the series through since it combines my love for Fantasy and Sci-fi. However, the third book soured me a bit on the series since it made me hate an intriguing character.

            Since you gave me a recommendation I feel obliged to give one in return. If you haven’t read(or listened to) Scott Meyer’s Magic 2.0 series. It is a hilarious present day fantasy/time travel series. It’s really lighthearted series with a bit of edge to it. And I think Luke Daniels does a terrific job with the narration for the audiobook. It is, along with the Bowl of souls series of course, one of my absolute favorite book series.

          • I would never object to anyone recommending David Eddings. He is one of my influences.

  18. Just started rereading the series from the beginning(Eye of the Moonrat) and hopefully by the time I finish Protector of the Grove(for about the 7th or 8th time) Ogre Apprentice will be out. This series ranks in my top 5 fantasy series and (SPOILER ALERT) I can’t tell you how incensed I was when Yntri was killed. I do hope the rest of the series will not start reading like SOIF by GRRM. I will be disappointed if we start losing all kinds of main characters. Love your books and recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent fantasy read.

    • I promise not to be George RR Martin! But sometimes people die. If no one important was ever killed in the series, the readers wouldn’t be worried when the characters got into dangerous situations.

      It’s a delicate situation and there are definitely characters that I would never allow to be killed, but they might not be the ones you think.


      Yntri was a character I liked a lot and it was hard to do. It’s sad for me any time one of them dies. I came up with the events of their lives leading them up to this point so it hurts. There were more hard choices in The Ogre Apprentice.

      I am glad you like the books and to be reading them a 7th or 8th time? what a huge compliment. The only series I ever read like that was maybe the first five books of The Wheel of Time or the Drizzt series.

  19. Bob Hughes says:

    George Carlin said it best: “You can’t say ‘turd’ on television, but who wants to?”

      • Bob Hughes says:

        I an publishing many eBooks on Amazon. Do they hit you with a 35% royalty, too? My books are review texts for doctors and nurses. If I price it $10 or more the royalty is 70%

        • Bob,
          Yes, any books that are priced below 2.99 or above 9.99 get a 35% royalty. I basically make very little from sales of Eye of the Moonrat or Hilt’s pride. This royalty pricing decision is also why I split the Moonrat Saga collection into two volumes. The best thing may be to find a way to sell them at 9.99 even if that means splitting them up somehow.

  20. Bob Hughes says:

    Thank you for allowing me to see this world you have created. It have read all the books over the past 14 days and am going through withdrawal. I only have one request. Please allow Djeri a new swear word.

    • Bob,

      Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you have enjoyed the books so far.

      I will take your suggestion under advisement.

      Djeri’s favorite curse word is also a favorite of mine. I try to get him to use it in creative ways, but if it is coming off as grating and/or too repetitive, I’ll try to find a way to get him to expand his horizons.

  21. Russ says:

    I have really enjoyed your books especially Lenny swearing all i hear is yosemite sam in my head, I love a lot of the characters Deathclaw Fist and squirrel cant wait for the next book

  22. Jason the Crazy Cat says:

    I just need to thank you for creating this amazing world that you have. I’m an avid fantasy fan and read constantly now that i’ve some kindle devices/applications on all my techno-baubles and must say yours is one of my favorites, probably a close close 2nd behind Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. I started his series more than 10 years ago and was sorely distraught to hear about his passing, the literature world will greatly miss him. I kept putting off finishing his series thou as i had never heard of Brandon Sanderson before and was appalled and amazed that another author took up Jordan’s mantel to finish his series. I finally got around to reading the last 3 that Sanderson helped write about 5 years ago and it re-awakened my thirst for fantasy. I immediately went to amazon and Brandon’s site to purchase all of his titles in one go an set about reading them all without stopping. I came to love his world building ability and great character insight and development and am now a huge fan of his.

    With that said i’ve tried to find other series that were on par with that level of attention to detail and intrigue to really capture the readers attention and have found a few such as Scott Lynch’s: The Gentleman Bastard Series, Michael G. Mannings: Mageborn, Toby Neighbors: Five Kingdoms, C. Greenwoods: Theives, and Daniel Arenson’s: Moth Saga. If you haven’t read anything from these authors i highly recommend them and will finally get to the point as to why i mentioned them. After having purchased and read all the titles the authors had to offer, Amazon one day recommended ‘Tarah Woodblade’ for me and on a whim i picked it up. Needless to say i was enthralled right away and couldn’t put it down. I was ecstatic to learn that it was the 6th in a series and immediately upon finishing it picked up the rest of your books. It was really interesting having started with Tarah only to go back through and learn about Justan and the buildup to her story. It did make reading up to her really interesting due to the insight i had as to where i expected certain characters to end up, particularly Arcon and his predicament with Mellinda. I have just finished reading them all and avidly await your next title. So Thank You for Everything and all of your stories.

    I must say that my favorite characters are Locksher with his crazy wily investigations, and Deathclaw with how amazing his development is and the growth he’s gone through throughout the series let alone his prowess in battle. Lenui and Willum are close 2nds to those two for their comical and serious antics played out at the same time..

    • Jason,

      Thanks so much. I am glad that you enjoyed the books. I think it is interesting that you came in with Tarah Woodblade and then went back and read the rest. That would definitely change your perception of Arcon and Mellinda. LOL. That’s cool. I’m glad you like Locksher. He has an ongoing role in these next few books. Willum and Lenny are also two of my favorites.


    • Also Robert Jordan was one of my favorites and I love what Brandon Sanderson did with it. Also love Mistborn and his new Stormlight Archive books. (It took me a while to get into book one, but the ending was amazing and book two was great all the way through.

      • Jason the Crazy Cat says:

        Yeah i know what you ;mean about the first one of stormlight. it took a while to get into it especially when there were great gaps between Kaladin’s story at first, almost too much pre-game if you will, but then it really picked up and the crazy twists at the end of the 2nd book were amazing. It really set itself up for the third, thou i have no idea how its going to play out after that kind of stage setup Sanderson did for the “Hero’s” thou the “evil doers” just seem misguided, hoping he elaborates on their story more come the next installment. I guess that’s what i enjoy about his stories and what i like about yours also: how the world isn’t really black and white, but shades of grey, that even the antagonists have reasons for doing what they do that seem legitimate for them. Have you had a chance to read Sanderson’s Elantris? it was one of his first that he wrote a while ago, i really liked his magic system in that one along with Emperor’s Soul which is also in the same world as Elantris.

        • I have not read Elantris, though it is on my list of books to read. That list has gotten pretty long and my reading time has been greatly reduced. I’ll get to it eventually.

          • Jason the Crazy Cat says:

            I know what you mean about reading lists heh. Mine seems to always have a few more title’s i haven’t read yet. Oh i’ve purchased them, at least on kindle, but have yet to reach the end before i somehow end up with more in the queue lol. I’d much rather you be writing than reading heh and i guess you can spend some time with your family, but mostly it should be writing so i can keep reading great works by good authors 😉

  23. alesha says:

    I love these books! I have read all of them and am starting the jaharro series. I loved the way you released them as well, you seem like a really nice super talented guy can’t wait for more great reads.

  24. Nick says:

    just finished Woodblade and while I warmed up to Tarah throughout the book I was pumped for the glimpse of Justan at the end, and then ecstatic to find out that Protector of the Grove is coming out this month!

    • It’s exciting for me too, and I’m glad you warmed up to Tarah. It’s difficult introducing a new character like that when everyone already has their favorites. But her story is critical to this series and to be hones, I needed a bit of a break. It has been really fun getting back to Justan and Co in the new book.

  25. rich says:

    One more thing… Where’s the recipe for pepperbean stew!!

  26. Rich says:

    Recently re-discovered this series in my kindle collection, after reading to completion was very happy to discover you had released Tarah Woodblade. The only problem being that I have now finished this book in a few hours.. and there is not yet a book 2! I’m hoping for a quick release before I forget about it and am forced to wait until I rediscover you again! Thanks for the adventure!

    • Thanks so much, Rich! Please leave a review on Amazon. Book Two of the Jharro Grove Saga coming later next month. So glad you liked the series. Who is your favorite character?

      • rich says:

        Probably Jhonate (currently) as I’m looking forward to learning more about her history, but also would love to hear more about the gnomish was of life-which this series seems to be exploring in more detail. Thanks for the quick reply.

  27. justin says:

    Any update on the release date for the next book? Eagerly waiting.

  28. James Miller says:

    I’ve been reading your books since my buddy told me about them. I have enjoyed every single one of them. I love how the story progresses. I enjoyed the latest installment. I have not quit figured out Tarah wood blade yet, and can’t wait to see how it unfolds on her. Acron is another one I am curious on too. I would love to see him succeed just to see what chaos it would bring either that and it could be a good beginning to a new series. I have ideas but I’m so scatter brained I have a hard time making it coherant. I love to read and I get so many ideas of my own but I’m not good at expressing them. That and my grammar is deplorable when it comes to punctuation. Maybe someday I’ll pick up a keyboard and I’ll let you read some. Lol anyways thanks for your series its been inspirational and at times a life saver.

    • James,
      Thanks so much for reading. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series and I think you’ll like where I’m going with it. As far as your writing goes, keep at it. The best way to improve writing skills is practice. I wasn’t that good at grammar when I was in school but I loved to read. Most of what I learned about writing came from reading books and having friends and family correct my work.

  29. justin says:

    Great series, just stated it last week and just finished it yesterday. Can’t wait for protectors of the groove to come out.

  30. Brian, I’m glad you’re enjoying the storylines with those characters. Fist and Deathclaw have a lot to do in this series and Willum is one of my favorites to write. Minor spoiler: He joins Tarah’s quest in the next book.

  31. Brian Son of Andy says:

    Hi Trevor; My brother and I love your work. We are very happy the way you have continued the series by introducing Tarah Woodblade, the book and characters were awesome (at first we were a little disappointed we weren’t getting any Justan). I notice you ask people who their favorite characters are, and this got me thinking who mine were. I would have to say my favorite characters switch from novel to novel as the story and world-building progresses. I will try and keep this answer short.

    There hasn’t been one character you have introduced to the series that I haven’t liked, that being said my current top 3 are; Lenny (love his personality), Fist/Death Claw have always remained in second place. Their character development throughout the series has been amazing. As an added bonus we get to see them branch out from Justan and to get different perspectives on what is happening (hope the dynamic between Darlan and Fist continues for a little bit more). Now, I would say my favorite character is Willum Oddblade, the banter back and forth between him and the imp is priceless while expanding on the magical creatures/elements of Dremaldria.

    Eagerly awaiting your next book!

  32. Great series! I actually picked this up on amazon a year ago..but did not manage to read it somehow.. I guess its when i picked up 10 novels at one go =p.. Just started reading yesterday and mann.. I’m already beginning to read Mother of the Moonrat! Just can’t stop reading it! All i can hope is that there is more to come! Thank you for the books !

  33. Hey!!! I think your books are freakin awesome and I can’t wait till the next book comes out!! I swear internally I’m a secret guy because I love all the fantasy/adventure books with trolls/goblins/ect. I love your bowl of souls series beginning to end.HAVE AN AWESOME NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  34. Bill O'Brien says:

    I’m just about to start reading ‘Mother of the Moonrat’ I was sorry to be reaching the end of the series as I have enjoyed them so much. But now I see you have started a second series “I’m as happy as a cat full of sixpences”, (Terry Pratchett)
    This is the best fantasy series I’ve read since Joe Abercrombie’s, First Law Trilogy.
    Keep up the good work.
    Bill O’Brien

    • Thanks so much, Bill! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. If I may ask, who are your favorite characters and is there a part that you enjoyed in particular?


      • Bill O'Brien says:

        Hi Trevor, I’ve given this a bit of thought, and I don’t really have a favourite character or characters. I like most of them even the ‘baddies’. Lets face it you need really ‘good’ baddies! I like characters who I can empathise with and your books are full of them, so that I care what happens to them. That is what I think makes for a good book. For instance I recently read ‘The Hunger Games’ and I couldn’t empathise with the main characters, so that I really didn’t care if they survived or not and I won’t bother to read the rest of the series.
        I’ve started ‘Mother of the Moonrats’ and it is up to the standard of the previous books.
        Thank you for writing such enjoyable books and I look forward to reading Tarah Woodblade.


  35. Jahbez Medley says:

    Just finished your series an i got to say i loved it. Just please tell me theres gonna be more.

    • Plenty more to come, Jahbez.
      So glad you loved it.
      Tarah Woodblade is the first book of the second series and will be here sooner than you think. Keep checking back with the site for details.

  36. Johnathan R. says:

    what kind of things can we expect in the fifth book.

  37. Dan Creech says:

    I love the series. You have a great way of keeping the characters all involved and so far, I have not been lost anywhere along the way. I just finished The War of Stardeon and I think it was the best one so far and can’t wait for the final book, Mother of the Moonrat. You have a new fan here so please keep sharing. I am a 66 year old kid who has never grown completely up. I still enjoy wizards, trolls, dragons a magic as much now as I did when I was 10 years old. Thank you for sharing your gift!

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