Noose Jumpers:

Book One: Noose Jumpers, A Mythological Western


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Gunslingers, gamblers, and gods clash in this fantastical version of the American West.

The Noose Jumper Era – A chaotic time of lawlessness in the late 1800s when a growing tide of outlaws, prodded by otherworldly forces, engaged in a race to become famous. Most of them ended up at the noose.

Three young men emerge from a small town in the territory of New Mexico. They are bound by a pact and guided by mysterious powerful beings that no one else can see. Together they must face off against the Sheriff of Puerta de la Muerte, a wicked man who cannot be struck by bullets. Are they destined to become legends, or are they just mere Noose Jumpers?


The Bowl of Souls series:



1. Eye of the Moonrat


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What if you were terrible at the one thing in the world you wanted to do most?

Justan was raised on the outskirts of the premier Battle Academy in the known lands. His only goal in life has been to enter the academy and become a powerful warrior like his father. Unfortunately, he has failed the entrance exams multiple times. He is given one last chance, but there is a condition. He must undergo a year’s tutelage under a fierce warrior woman from a far off land.

Meanwhile, an evil wizard of immense power is transforming wild creatures into an army of monsters. Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.


 1 1/2. Hilt’s Pride

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Sir Hilt is forced to delay an urgent mission when he sees a lone woman climbing a dangerous mountain. She refuses his help but when Hilt discovers that the prophet was the one that told her to climb to the mountain’s peak, Hilt realizes that it is his duty to accompany her.

What dangers lie in their way? What reasons did the prophet have for bringing them together? Will all their plans be derailed by Hilt’s Pride?

The events in Hilt’s Pride take place just after Hilt leaves Justan at the Training School part way through Bowl of Souls: Book One. This is a stand alone story and can be read apart from or along with the rest of the series. This story contains no spoilers to the rest of the series, but contains a lot of information that enhances the backgrounds of several characters including revealing previously untold information about Jhonate’s past and the history of her people.



From here on out, reading the descriptions of the books in the series will reveal plot points that are major and could ruin some fun surprises. You have been warned!!

2. Messenger of the Dark Prophet

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Justan begins his two year sentence at the Mage School unsure how he is supposed to fit in amongst the mages and wizards, a physically weak group of people he has never identified with. Can he learn how to control his new powers without losing his identity as a warrior? Can he stick to his plans while the mother of the moonrats tries to destroy the school from within?

Fist and Deathclaw have escaped Ewzad Vriil’s grasp before. But the wizard’s secret army grows as does his influence in the kingdom. What will they do upon coming face-to-face with The Messenger of the Dark Prophet once again?


 3. Hunt of the Bandham

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Ewzad Vriil’s keep has fallen and Justan has been reunited with his friends. But the kingdom remains in turmoil. The mother of the moonrats still builds the Dark Prophet’s army of monsters in the mountains and the Battle Academy’s forces are weakened.

Justan’s bonds with Fist and Gwyrtha have made him stronger and faster, but the more he learns about his powers, the more questions he has. He seeks out the bonding wizard Master Coal, hoping that the man can teach him what he needs to know about his magic before he hurts his bonded and himself.

Deathclaw has freed Talon from Ewzad Vriil’s power only to find that she is no longer the sister he used to know. Meanwhile, a new creature is born; a beast designed to hunt dragons. Will they survive the Hunt of the Bandham?


4. The War of Stardeon


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The Battle Academy has been besieged by an army of goblinoids under the control of the mother of the moonrats. They bide their time, keeping the academy out of the fight while Ewzad Vriil prepares to unleash a force of mutated monsters.

Jhonate and Faldon the Fierce have begun to unravel the mystery of the mother of the moonrat’s identity, while Justan and Master Coal have learned the secret of Ewzad Vriil’s powers. Both groups scramble to find a way to help the academy, but neither of them knows the full extent of the forces they are up against.

Will they be able to gather the strength they need to win The War of Stardeon?


5. Mother of the Moonrat


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The end is near.

The Battle Academy and Mage School forces have joined, but they are outnumbered by Ewzad Vriil’s army of mutated men and Mellinda’s forest of monsters.

There are spies on both sides, assassins on the hunt, secrets to be revealed, and Justan’s magic will be unleashed. But there is one thing they haven’t considered. Even if they can somehow overcome Ewzad Vriil, will they be able to destroy The Mother of the Moonrats?



6. Tarah Woodblade


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The war is over, but there is a void of power that must be filled and no shortage of men eager to fill it.

Tarah Woodblade was the best guide and tracker in the land, but she ran away from the war. She returns to Dremaldria expecting to be labeled a coward, but finds herself lauded as a hero. It seems a hero is needed too, because someone is hunting rogue horses . . .


7. Protector of the Grove


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Jhonate’s reprieve from her father has been cut short. She is forced to return home to Malaroo, bringing Justan along with her. The journey she has avoided for so long has become all the more difficult because someone wants Justan dead.

The rogue horse Esmine, a mythical beast of remarkable power, has been captured by a troupe of dwarf smugglers. They are taking her to the nation Alberri where a gnome scholar awaits with a vicious plan to sacrifice the beast and bind its powerful soul to make a weapon of mass destruction. Tarah Woodblade must gather a group of warriors and rescue Esmine before she is taken to Alberri.

Evil stirs. Darkness is building. But can anyone trust Xedrion, The Protector of the Grove?


8. The Ogre Apprentice


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Fist is the only ogre ever to train at the Mage School. Yet he forces himself to learn faster than the other students knowing that Justan will soon need him. Justan is far away in Malaroo, struggling to win over Jhonate’s father while a deadly shape-shifting assassin seeks his life, endangering those around him.

Fists plans are derailed and his burgeoning powers tested when he receives a visit from the tribe he had long thought dead. An army closes in on the grove, a new race of beasts emerges from the swamps, and a great evil grows in the mountains. The survival of the known lands may depend on the strength of The Ogre Apprentice.


9. The Troll King


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He was born a king. Half troll and half man, he crawled from the womb of a god and found himself leader of a deformed but powerful race. As he struggles to lead his people Mellinda slithers into their midst. She wields the Rings of Stardeon and she has her own plans for his people.

A prophet has been taken. A demon army joins the enemies of the grove. Will Justan’s might and Tarah Woodblade’s powers be enough to help Jhonate’s people protect the Jharro Grove? It may all depend on the choices made by The Troll King.


10. Priestess of War


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Born of war and kept young only by the darkest of magic, the Dark Prophet’s most powerful priestess has returned to the Trafalgan Mountains to take control of the Black Lake’s mindless evil. Now, with a growing army of the infested and dead under her power, she turns her gaze on Dremaldria.

Fist’s chances of helping his former tribe destroy the Black Lake are bleak at best. The combined help of the Academy and the Mage School may not be enough to help him defeat The Priestess of War.

11. Behemoth


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The Behemoth was created a thousand years ago, its body stretching for miles under Malaroo’s swamplands turning them into a dangerous and uninhabitable place. Now it has learned to swallow the peoples of Malaroo and transform them into its own army; a twisted mix of troll and man known as the Trollkin. It hungers to consume the power of the Jharro Grove and if it succeeds the world will be plunged into darkness.

Justan and Jhonate, forced to hold off their wedding until the threat is over, find themselves stuck between the two rival factions that are the only hope of defeating the Behemoth and its everlasting hunger.

Join Justan, Fist, and Tarah on an epic journey that will pit them against dark forces that plot to destroy the Jharro Grove and end the world. Ogres and trolls, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.



12. Sir Edge


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The Dark Prophet has been biding his time. He has spent centuries without a body, but now he is ready for his return. There is only one obstacle standing in his way.

In the sixteen years since their marriage, Justan and Jhonate have gone through many adventures together. During this time, Justan has grown into the name given to him by the Bowl of Souls. He is SIR EDGE. He has the fame and glory that he had dreamt of as a child, but those things mean nothing to him anymore. He is now embroiled in a new conflict and driven by a deep pain within him, a pain fifteen years in the making . . .

13. Halfbreeds

(Upcoming 2019)



1. Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective

Tallow final Ebook

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Dwarven kidnappers and evil wizards have invaded our world and they’ve brought monsters with them. Only Tallow Jones stands in their way.

Magic doesn’t belong in Atlanta, Georgia. Yet it’s creeping in.

When Detective Douglas Jones’ son goes missing under strange circumstances everyone assumes he ran away. The first break in the case comes when a long-lost relative shows up with a new name and a strange tattoo on the palm of his left hand. His name is Tallow Jones. He is a private detective . . . and Earth’s only native wizard. A wizard is needed too because, in Atlanta, strange abductions are just the beginning.

 Give it a try today! Explore this new side of the Bowl of Souls universe!

2. Tallow Jones: Blood Trail

Blood Trail cover Ebook

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On the brink of finally breaking the dwarven smuggling ring in Atlanta, Tallow Jones Wizard of Mysteries, discovers a far more gruesome monster let loose on the streets. Was this killer brought to our world by the dwarves? Or is it a homegrown terror?

People are being killed by magic and Tallow finds himself one step behind.

Through it all, Tallow must deal with modern-life problems like family, demons, finances, deadly pheromones, knitters, dating life, and an earth elemental bound to a pet rock.




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