Noose Jumpers Short Film

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I wrote this short film while still working on the plot for the Noose Jumpers novel. My brother and I were talking about ideas for a television show. I brought up the idea of this western with fantastical overtones and this grew organically from there. My brother Jared put together a fantastic team with great actors, a fantastic cinematographer, and directed it himself.  Here is his latest cut of the film. It has been selected by a few film festivals and we’re real excited about it.

Update 10/23/16

Nominated for Director’s choice by the Wild Bunch Film Festival

Nominated for Best Short film (One of five nominated out of 200+ shorts) by the Orlando Film Festival



Sandy Tucker – Andy Gion
Deadeye Slim – Byron West
Pecos Bill – Robert Catrini
The Stranger – J LaRose
Jack White – Casey Rosenberger
Man in Saloon – Wayne Cooley

A C0RBAN INC film in association with Wayward Traveler Entertainment
Directed by Jared Cooley
Written by Trevor H Cooley
Story by Jared Cooley Trevor H Cooley
Executive Producers Jared Cooley Trevor H Cooley
Producers Joshua Story Matthew DeBonis
Associate Producers Alisa Martinez Brian Martinez Clebert Garcia Fred Friday Melissa Laymon Patric Creamer
Cinematography by Devin Keebler
Score by Cory Maples
Digital/Visual Effects by West Rodri
Assistant Director Alex Frasier
Production Assistant Noel Rasmussen
Camera Operator Matthew DeBonis
Gaffer Daniel Lightfoot
Key Grip Joseph Simonson
Grip Casey Powers
Set Photographer Clebert Garcia
Make Up Designer Wynema Gonzagowski
Make Up PA Shannon Michelle Mashel
Wardrobe Designer Karen Billard
Armourer Scott Rasmussen
Sound Designer Lee Riley
Foley Artist Ben Conley
Additional ADR Recordist Amato D’Apolito
Location Sound Casey Powers
Editor Jared Cooley
Colorist Kira Prince
Data Manager Zachary Alan Ward
Horse Trainers Cheryl Rosenberger Ashley Olinger
Horse Trainer Assistants Rachel Turnbough Brenden Rosenberger
Location Bonanza Creek Ranch (Santa Fe, NM)
Location Manager Bill Clair
Catering Cowgirl Santa Fe Special Thanks
Cori Adkins David Consolo George Williams
Steven Shea Stewart Schill Wendy Delouche
Fovea Chromatics Serious Grippage & Lighting Co. In Memory of… Ralph R Clemente “Treat Yourself”