Blood Trail Audiobook and Huge Sir Edge News!

Howdy, folks! I have two big announcements.

The first onet up is audiobook related.

The “Tallow Jones: Blood Trail” audiobook has been completed and I submitted it for processing by Audible and Itunes last week. It should be available for sale in 5-10 business days.


The finished book is 11hrs 45 min.

TallowCover-AUDIO 2400x

Andrew Tell wasn’t able to narrate this one, so I accepted auditions and found a great replacement. He a talented newcomer. His name is TJ Clark. He did a fantastic job, folks. His voices for the characters are great and his delivery is spot on. He will be taking over narration duties on the Tallow Jones series from here on out. Check out the sample. It’s from the first chapter and you get to hear that moment that’s featured on the cover.

Let me know when you get your copy.

Now for my second HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

Sir Edge is coming this month!! That’s right. Here’s my plan for rolling this out. On Wednesday, November 21 I will reveal the cover here and on Facebook. That same day, I will make the book available for preorder on Kindle. The actual release date will be November 29th! Stay tuned. I’m really excited about the cover for this one. Here is the product page teaser.

Sir Edge is part one of the Dark Prophet Saga, the beginning of an action-packed new chapter in the Bowl of Souls Universe!

The Dark Prophet has been biding his time. He has spent centuries without a body, but now he is ready for his return. There is only one obstacle standing in his way.

In the sixteen years since their marriage, Justan and Jhonate have gone through many adventures together. During this time, Justan has grown into the name given to him by the Bowl of Souls. He is now truly SIR EDGE. He has the fame and glory that he had dreamt of as a child, but those things mean nothing to him anymore. He is now embroiled in a new conflict and driven by a deep pain within him, a pain fifteen years in the making . . .

Join Edge and his bonded on an epic journey that will take them to places both holy and wrought with evil. Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.


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