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Tallow Jones 2 Release Imminent!

We are just days away from the big sequel to Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective. That’s right. Days. As in a couple days. As in Tuesday or Wednesday September 18th or 19th. This book follows the adventures of Master Tallow, Wizard … Continue reading

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Noose Jumpers Cover Reveal!!

Howdy folks and Merry Christmas! It’s time to reveal the cover for my upcoming book! Here it is and a beautiful job done by my brother, Justin Cooley. He also designed the covers for Hilt’s Pride and Hunt of the … Continue reading

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The Troll King Cover Reveal!!!

Howdy folks! Today is my birthday.  Eye of the Moonrat came out in May of 2012 and yet here I am in August of 2015 and The Troll King will be my tenth book. It feels crazy. I may not … Continue reading

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Cover redesign for The Moonrat Saga

Hey folks, I’m pretty excited to announce this. Ever since Renu Sharma took over as my cover artist after “Hunt of The Bandham” it has bothered me that my first series, “The Moonrat Saga”, didn’t have a consistent cover design. … Continue reading

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UtopYA Con in June and announcements!

Hey folks! I will be appearing at the UtopYA Convention, in Nashville TN, June 18-20th. Link to the Convention page is here: http://utopyacon.com/ This is a convention for writers and publishers and artists, and for fans. I will be in … Continue reading

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Early October Update and Eye of the Moonrat FREE This Weekend!

What a crazy month it has been since my last post. I have some cool news to share. First, The Ogre Apprentice release will be late this month. I have been delayed a bit by the passing of my grandmother. … Continue reading

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Protector of the Grove has been released!

Howdy folks. Awesome news! I just uploaded Protector of the Grove to Amazon.  It could take up to twelve hours for the book to appear but I often have readers tell me they see it within four to six. Please … Continue reading

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Tarah Woodblade chapter 3 and update!

Well, folks, it’s crunch time.  It”s getting more and more stressfull here in Cooleyland with our big move coming up. I’m doing the writing while my wife is doing the packing and that has led to all types of fun … Continue reading

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The Rigors of trying to become a full-time Novelist in a Post-Apocalyptic World

It’s desolate out there. Overpopulation has ruined us. We ran out of food, squandered our natural resources. The sun scorched us, aliens harvested us, Godzilla stomped the crap out of our cities. The few survivors fight over scraps. It sucks … Continue reading

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My Book: ‘Eye of the Moonrat’ is on Amazon

Hello all. Here I am again in this abandoned little corner of my world. I am sorry to have left you. However, this is big news. BIG BIG NEWS. I finally did it. After years of edits and rewrites and … Continue reading

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