The Troll King Cover Reveal!!!

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Today is my birthday.  Eye of the Moonrat came out in May of 2012 and yet here I am in August of 2015 and The Troll King will be my tenth book. It feels crazy. I may not be that big of a success story in the writing world, but I’m living my dream. Today I am 39 years old. I can see the top of the hill on the horizon and yet I feel like my writing career has barely started.

I have had the finished cover in hand for a few weeks now, but I have been waiting to reveal it because I still had so much work left to do on the book. This morning I woke up and thought why not? Here it is. (Click to enlarge.)


Renu did a lovely job with the cover. My vision was pretty ambitious, a scene from the first chapter of the book. The Troll King is sitting in The Lone Chair, a holy place in the ruins of KhanzaRoo, the ancient city that was once the capital of Malaroo before Mellinda, the Troll Queen invaded it.  The Troll King is a fascinating dichotomy and I think she captured his essence perfectly.

Here is the back cover blurb:


 He was born a king. Half troll and half man, he crawled from the womb of a god and found himself leader of a deformed but powerful race. As he struggles to lead his people Mellinda slithers into their midst. She wields the Rings of Stardeon and she has her own plans for his people.

 A prophet has been taken. A demon army joins the enemies of the grove. Will Justan’s might and Tarah Woodblade’s powers be enough to help Jhonate’s people protect the Jharro Grove? It may all depend on the choices made by The Troll King.

The Troll King is Book Four of The Jharro Grove Saga.”

What do you think? The full paperback cover is below.



Planned release date for The Troll King is the end of August. I’ll let you know more when we get there.

In between now and then, I plan to post the first couple chapters here on the site to whet your appetites!

Thanks and please leave comments below.

Trevor H. Cooley

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