Tallow Jones 2 Release Imminent!

We are just days away from the big sequel to Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective.

That’s right. Days. As in a couple days. As in Tuesday or Wednesday September 18th or 19th.


This book follows the adventures of Master Tallow, Wizard of Mysteries as he tries to solve his biggest case yet, the bloodiest murder spree in Atlanta history. You know there will be magic involved, and dwarf smugglers, and demons, and knitting, and eating of weird foods, and an earth elemental bound to a pet rock. It’s a Tallow book.

Also, there are even more tie-ins to the world of the Bowl of Souls. We learn more about Tallow’s time at the Mage School and one minor baddie we met in Priestess of War takes a major turn here.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to pick up the first book yet, now is a great time. You could probably finish it just in time to start this one.

Thank you all for your patience. Sir Edge is up next and I know that most of you have been waiting for that one. I am starting on it right away and hope to have the first chapter to Alpha readers as soon as a week after Tallow hits.

It’s wild times here at Cooley Ranch. Stay tuned!


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