Moonrat Saga Villain Tournament Bracket

Updated 8/20!

Howdy folks!

So, as I’ve been gearing up for The Dark Prophet Saga I’ve been thinking of some fun ways to interact with you guys. I tried the new poll question function on Facebook and it was fairly successful and that gave me an idea. Why not have a series of character tournaments leading up to the release of “Sir Edge” later this year?

Now the Facebook poll function is limited on pages. They only let us put two options up for vote on any one post. So the way it’s going to work is we’re going to do this playoff style.

We’ll do a villain tournament and hero tournament with each tournament split up so one side features characters from the Moonrat Saga while the other side features characters from the Jharro Grove Saga. We’ll start with our Villain Tournament and here is bracket 1. It is the Moonrat Saga Bracket.

moonrat saga villain bracket photo

Printable PDF: moonrat saga villain bracket

The way this is going to work is that I will post each match-up every few days on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, and Patreon. I will tally the votes and update the bracket with the winner. Updates will be posted here.

Once we make our way through the bracket and have a winner we will switch to the Jharro Grove Saga Villain Bracket. The winners of the two will face off in an epic showdown! Stay tuned!

We start with the play-in games. First up is Dann Doudy VS the Raptoid assassins. The contest isn’t about who would win in a fight, but what villain did you think was the best character. Did they make you scared, frustrated, grossed out? Then they were probably a success. Who do you think was a better character? Feel free to vote in comments and give your reasons why.



Update 8/20

The results for the first play-in match are in and here’s Lenny with a report:

“Thisun was easier to pick than my own dag-blamed nose. That blasted no-good leg-lifter Dann Doudy was a real road apple and Vriil’s magic turned him into a nasty-arse critter, but that’s nothin’ up against those six raptoid-hell-spawn. Hell, Deathclaw gives me the heebies and he’s a friend of mine. Them things were nightmares on clawed feet!”

End totals from Facebook and Discord:

Dann Doudy: 29%

Raptoid assassins: 71%

Next up: The Plant Golem VS Hamford

If you remember, the Plant Golem was created because Mellinda helped three students implant a literal chaotic mass of nightmares into the body of an immensely powerful  automaton made of trees and vegetation. With malicious glee it destroyed several Mage School buildings as well as killing several people including the captain of the guard, who Tarah had a crush on.

Hamford was the older brother of Kenn Dollie and wasn’t a villain by choice, but he was Ewzad Vriil’s servant and did his bidding for many years before getting his revenge on his master after being turned into an immense giant mount.

Vote in comments or on the Facebook or Discord. The poll will end on 8/24

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