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Cover redesign for The Moonrat Saga

Hey folks, I’m pretty excited to announce this.

Ever since Renu Sharma took over as my cover artist after “Hunt of The Bandham” it has bothered me that my first series, “The Moonrat Saga”, didn’t have a consistent cover design. Her work on The Jharro Grove Saga was so good, with each cover feeling tied together with the rest, that I wished I could do something similar with my first series.

Finally I spoke with Renu broached the idea of redoing the covers of those first six books. I didn’t want a complete overhaul. I loved the artwork itself. But I wanted the lettering to be more cohesive and consistent across the saga. Renu agreed and has been working on the project for a little while now. Finally, she sent me the finished project and I have to say, I love it.

Now you may think that the covers aren’t hugely different and you would be right, some of the changes are subtle, but what she did was make the overall series more professional looking and I love the little added touches, especially in the full paperback covers. I like having the volume number on the spine.

What you’ll see below is the old cover, followed by her redesign and the full paperback version. You can click on each photo to enlarge.

Please comment below. Tell me what you think!


Eye of the Moonrat:

Old design:


New Design:




Hilt’s Pride:

Old version:

Hilts Pride Cover 2013

New Ebook:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00057]

New Paperback:


Messenger of the Dark Prophet:

Old Version:

MOTDP cover 2013 e

New Ebook:

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00011]

New Paperback:


Hunt of the Bandham:

Old Version:

HOTB front cover 2013 color b

New Ebook: (I love the flames over the O)

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00011]

New Paperback:


The War of Stardeon:

Old Version:

TWOS Cover 2meg

New Ebook:


New Paperback


Mother of the Moonrat:

Old Version:

MOTM-ebook alternate 2mgb

New Ebook:


New Paperback:



I have uploaded the new cover art to Amazon and to Createspace for the paperback versions. The new covers should be available in a few hours.

Hilt’s Pride Audiobook is Available!

It’s here! Hilt’s Pride is probably my favorite thing I have written and It makes me so happy to have it in aidiobook format. Andrew Tell does a fantastic job bringing Hilt and Beth’s journey to life and I am excited to share it with you. Check it out!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00057]

It will also be on Amazon and Itunes soon!

Cool Tarah Woodblade Video and July Update

Howdy, Folks!

I have some exciting updates for you, but first, you’ve got to check out this fun video from Youtuber Monique Renee.

She read Tarah Woodblade and drew the character. In this time lapse video, she colors her drawing while giving her personal review of the book. I had a lot of fun watching it and I hope she does more. I messaged her on Facebook and she says Eye of the Moonrat is on her reading list!

As for news, there are several cool things in the pipeline.

1. The Hilt’s Pride audiobook will hit Audible, Itunes and Amazon any day now. Stay tuned for that!

2. My brother was in New Mexico a couple weeks ago filming a short film I wrote. He is working on the edit and post production now. It is called “Noose Jumpers” and is a concept video for a full pilot I wrote. He hopes to have it finished some time in August.

3. That short film also doubles as a book trailer for the novel I am writing when The Troll King is finished. It is also called, you guessed it, “Noose Jumpers”. It is a fantasy/mythological western and is the first book I am writing that isn’t part of the Bowl of Souls universe. I already have it plotted out and I am really excited to get going on it and share more with you.

4. I’m sure you are wondering about progress on The Troll King. It is coming along. I still feel like I should have it done by the end of August. Expect a cover reveal as well as sample chapters in the coming weeks!


Hunt of the Bandham audiobook now available!

Hunt of the Bandham is on Audible NOW!

The review process with Audible took a little longer than usual, delaying it by a week, but it’s finally here.

One thing you might notice right away is that I have a new narrator. His name is Andrew Tell. He is a veteran voice and stage actor with a broad range of voices. He does a fantastic job with this book, making each voice sound unique and true to their character. I particularly love his rendition of Fist. He is also a big fan of the books which is a huge plus. He was a pleasure to work with.

The reason for the change of narrator was one of necessity. James Foster is very busy with a long backlog of projects he is working on.  After discussing the future of the series and what I wanted to accomplish, we mutually decided that it was better we move on.

The next audiobook in the works is Hilt’s Pride, which Andrew Tell plans to have finished by mid-July. Then it’s on to The War of Stardeon.

Please click on the link and listen to the sample. I think you’ll like his style.



Trevor H. Cooley


UtopYA Con in June and announcements!

Hey folks!

I will be appearing at the UtopYA Convention, in Nashville TN, June 18-20th.

Link to the Convention page is here:

This is a convention for writers and publishers and artists, and for fans. I will be in the exhibitor’s hall on Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 19th. I will be selling books and signing books and handing out free bookmarks. I will be sharing a table with Honor Raconteur, of the Advent Mage series. Also there will be my friend, Ben Hale, author of the Chronicles of Lumineia.

On those two days, you would need to have a convention ticket to get in. BUT, on Saturday, June 20th, there is a public book signing from 10AM-12PM and from 1PM-3PM at the  Millennium Maxwell House Hotel-GRAND BALLROOM. The author signing is hosted by Book ‘EM and is free to enter with a book donation or five dollars otherwise. All donated books and admission fees will go directly to them to help them with their two-part mission: to get books to children and teens in lower-income families who might not otherwise have books of their own; and providing volunteer readers to local pre- and elementary schools. Dozens of authors will be there and it might be pretty busy. Those coming to the signing are encouraged to bring their own books for the signing, (Or order from Amazon ahead of time) but I will try to have some available with me at my table.

I will be selling the books for $12 each, though I will sign anything for free. I will bring copies of all my books, but mostly Eye of the Moonrat and Tarah Woodblade.

If you are attending and want a book in particular, contact me using the contact form on this site and let me know what you want me to bring.


Also I have more exciting news. Work on the audiobook of Hunt of the Bandham is nearly completed. I hope to be able to submit the files to Audible in the next few days and then it will be 7-10 days before it is up for sale. I will update you when I know more for sure. Hilt’s Pride will be the next audiobook after that.


Finally, I am working on a new project that will take place outside of the Bowl of Souls series. It is a fantasy western and I am really excited about it. The first book will be out later this year, most likely after the release of The Troll King.

Thanks so much!

Trevor H. Cooley

The Ogre Apprentice Print Edition Available

Howdy Folks!

The Ogre Apprentice is now available in a print edition on Createspace.

It will be available on Amazon within the next 3-5 business days.

The book is 16×9 trade paperback with a glossy finish and is a compact 415 pages. It sells for $14.99

Here is the full cover. Renu did a great job with the back cover.



The Ogre Apprentice available now on Amazon!

It’s official!



Get you one!

It is already #1600 overall in the Kindle Store And Amazon has been having problems with their image processing so the cover doesn’t  show on the product page!

It is there on the copy you purchase, though, and they assure me that the issue will be fixed.

Please read it and leave a review. I need all I can get.

Also. share!

Now I’m off to see my kids for the first time in a few days


Trevor H. Cooley

The Ogre Apprentice is Finished!!

Howdy, folks!

This is just a quick note to tell you the book is done!!



The final length 150,000 words. That’s about the same length as The War of Stardeon.

So much craziness happens in this book, I can’t wait to hear what you think!

I uploaded it to Amazon mere minutes ago. It will be available for purchase in hours! I’ll post a link and more details when I get them.

Please post in comments when you get yours!


The Ogre Apprentice Update

Hey, folks. I know that many of you have been on pins and needles waiting for news for quite some time.

Please believe me when I say that I have been wanting to be able to tell you more. Here’s the deal. Every time I have given a date on this project, I have done so thinking there was no way I could miss it. Each time, something has come up to completely derail me. I could list each event here, but why deal out excuses.

This is where I stand right now.

The book is mostly complete. I have a handful of chapters left, the big ending of this third book in the series, and I am writing fast, back in the zone right where I have wanted to be the last few months. I have already done several editing passes on the chapters that are finished and my lovely wife/editor is doing her final pass. The hope is that I finish this thing early in the week and have it done with a couple days to spare in February.

Fingers crossed, but even if we miss that, it won’t be by much, a day or two. Barring an act of god, (Fingers crossed against power outages here in Tennessee) we are golden.

Without spoiling anything there is one fact I can share. Even though the number of chapters will not be many more than the last two books, they have been long chapters. By my current page count, I expect this one to exceed Protector of the Grove by 100 pages.

So there we are. And I am off. I still have twenty pages to edit before I sleep so that my wife can have a new chapter to read in the morning.


Trevor H. Cooley

Messenger of the Dark Prophet Now Available on Audiobook

Hey folks!

Good news! Messenger of the Dark Prophet is finally available in Audiobook format. It is out on Audible now and will appear on Amazon and Itunes in the next few days. James Foster once again provides the narration. Get your copy now and let us know what you think!

MOTDP cover 2013 e


I know that most of you are wondering where The Ogre Apprentice is. Please believe me, I’m as tired of handing out excuses as you are of hearing them. I will keep you informed as soon as I know exactly when it will be available. I am working on it.  It’s not far away. I promise.


Trevor H. Cooley