The SIR EDGE Audiobook is available now!

You read that right. You can now listen to Sir Edge on Audible, Itunes, or Amazon!


Sir Edge is part one of the Dark Prophet Saga, the beginning of an action-packed new chapter in the Bowl of Souls Universe!

The Dark Prophet has been biding his time. He has spent centuries without a body, but now he is ready for his return. There is only one obstacle standing in his way.

In the 16 years since their marriage, Justan and Jhonate have gone through many adventures together. During this time, Justan has grown into the name given to him by the Bowl of Souls. He is Sir Edge. He has the fame and glory that he had dreamt of as a child, but those things mean nothing to him anymore. He is now embroiled in a new conflict and driven by a deep pain within him, a pain 15 years in the making….

Join Edge and his bonded on an epic journey that will take them to places both holy and wrought with evil. Ogres and dragons, warriors and wizards are destined to clash, their fates guided by The Bowl of Souls.

The final length is 12 hrs 53 mins

I am excited to announce the narrator for this book and the rest of the Dark Prophet Saga. His name is TJ Clark. Those of you who listened to Tallow Jones: Blood Trail have already heard his work.  He has a lot of passion for these characters and did a fantastic job.

His take on the characters is true to their natures but he is not doing an Andrew Tell impression. I guided him and gave notes on the voices, but he came up with each voice on his own. I know it will take some getting used to, as any change in narrator does, but because of the nature of the story occurring 16 years after Behemoth, it ends up working quite well.

For those of you that are crushed that Andrew Tell is not narrating the book, I posted the following information before, but I thought I would post it again in case you didn’t see it the first time.

When Sir Edge was nearing completion, I contacted Andrew and he let me know that he would be unable to continue with the Bowl of Souls series. The last few books haven’t performed the way he needed so he could not promise to complete the saga. He has big time projects on his plate and decided he needs to move on. It was a business decision on his part, and I respect it.

I know that this will be a difficult announcement for many of you. It was for me too. Over the last 10 books, he has become the voice for these characters and also in a sense my voice as he did Noose Jumpers and the first Tallow Jones book as well.

EDIT/UPDATE 2/19/2019 I have been receiving some feedback here and on other platforms and most of it is very positive towards TJ, which I appreciate! At the same time there are some that are either upset with me for the change or upset with Andrew for leaving. I want to clarify a few things.

Andrew isn’t a villain here. The thing with the way that narrator’s are paid right now is that they can either be paid up front at a per finished hour rate or royalty share. All of my books have been done with royalty share, which means that instead of being paid up front, the narrator splits profit on the audiobooks with me 50/50. So if the narrator spends weeks working on a book and it doesn’t sell, they make little profit for their time. On the other hand, if the book sells well, they make far more than they would ever be paid up front. So it’s a gamble for a narrator to do a deal like this. On most of my books, the narrators are making out like bandits, but on the new series books like Noose Jumpers or Tallow, not so much.

Andrew has grown enough at this point in his career that he can command a good hourly rate, so he had to decide if he could commit to a new series. Instead of doing Sir Edge and then maybe having to bail mid-series and leave me high and dry, he and I talked and he decided it was best to stop now, since I could not afford his current hourly rates.
I went through the same issue with James Foster after book two, but he left just before the series really took off. The problem is that there has been a real lull the last few years. Amazon changed their algorithm and their priorities on who they are and aren’t going to promote. Since Amazon doesn’t promote my books like they used to and I haven’t been able to find a way to get them into a wider audience on my own, sales just haven’t been what they were. The best thing I can ask is for my readers to spread the word. (For more info see the post I did on the subject.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance, you can get a preview of TJ’s work by listening to my last book, Tallow Jones: Blood Trail. Here is the Audible link!

TallowCover-AUDIO 2400x

In other news, I have been writing on book two of The Dark Prophet Saga: “Halfbreeds”

The first five chapters are already up on Patreon for all of my alpha readers. If you want to become an alpha reader and be a part of the writing process, you can head over to Patreon and learn more. All patronage supports me and allows me to keep writing even when sales months are slow. If it wasn’t for Patreon this last year I might have had to go back to a day job. If you are interested, here is a link.

Thank you all for your support. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Sir Edge and anything else. You can comment here or email me

Trevor H. Cooley

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