The Sir Edge Audiobook is Complete

SirEdge-audiobookHowdy, folks! The Sir Edge Audiobook was finished a couple days ago and is right now being processed by Audible and Itunes. It should be available some time within the next 2 weeks!!

Here are some interesting notes.

The final length is 12 hrs 53 mins

The narrator for this book is no longer Andrew Tell. Andrew let me know that he would be unable to continue with the Bowl of Souls series. The last few books haven’t performed the way he needed so he could not promise to complete the saga. It was a business decision on his part, and he has moved on.

I know that this will be a difficult announcement for many of you. It was for me too. Over the last 10 books, he has become the voice for these characters and also in a sense my voice as he did Noose Jumpers and the first Tallow Jones book as well.

Nevertheless, I am excited to announce the narrator for this book and the Dark Prophet Saga. His name is TJ Clark. Those of you who listened to Tallow Jones: Blood Trail have already heard his work.  He has a lot of passion for these characters and did a fantastic job.

His take on the characters is true to their natures but he is not doing an Andrew Tell impression. I guided him and gave notes on the voices, but he came up with each voice on his own. I know it will take some getting used to, as any change in narrator does, but because of the nature of the story occurring 16 years after Behemoth, it ends up working quite well.

I am excited to get this book into your ears and hear your feedback! I will post again when the audiobook is available for sale.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance, you can get a preview of TJ’s work by listening to my last book, Tallow Jones: Blood Trail. Here is the Audible link!

TallowCover-AUDIO 2400x



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