Trevor H. Cooley Class on Novel Writing and Publishing

Howdy folks!

A few weeks back I did a talk on creative writing for a local group. It was organized by the Parks and Recreation department and open for the public to come.

It was a little over an hour long and I focused on how I became a self-published writer and some of the hurdles out there to finishing a novel and finding a traditional publisher. The whole thing was filmed by local television and the station was nice enough to give me permission to put it up on YouTube.

Last night, I uploaded it to the seldom-used BowlofSouls YouTube channel.

Now before you watch, I would like to point out that public speaking is not my comfort zone. I stammer a bit and do my best to stick to my outline. However, I think that there is good information here for any of you that are interested in writing a novel yourself. Many of the things I say are answers to questions I get from readers all the time.

I speak about the following topics:

  1. Writing a novel
  2. Developing audiobooks
  3. Seeking a major publisher
  4. Finding an agent
  5. Easy mistakes to make when going alone
  6. The benefits of self-publishing
  7. Cover art

This is one of those things like my earlier post about my 19-year-old early draft of Sir Edge. I like being the mysterious writer behind the stories and am not completely comfortable letting people see behind the scenes. Sometimes seeing an author’s quirks and weaknesses can make the books seem less immersive.

Nevertheless, here it is. I hope you enjoy it and if not, please try to forget how awkward I am as you read the conclusion of the Jharro Grove Saga in a few weeks.

Thanks for your support,

Trevor H. Cooley

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