Behemoth Mini Preview #4

BEHEMOTH is coming together quickly, folks. We are mere weeks away. I don’t want to give a specific date yet, but I am pushing hard to get his done and make it the best conclusion I can for the Jharro Grove Saga.

This will tie together all the different plot threads from the last five books as well as some going as far back as Messenger of the Dark Prophet. There are so many aspects of the story that I have been eager to reveal for a very long time and . . . you know what? It’s hard to keep secrets for years. As fun as it is being a tease, I just really want everyone to read this. So it’s coming soon I promise!

In the meantime I’m going to continue my series of mini previews. This one involves Tarah Woodblade and Theodore the imp.

Behemoth Mini Preview #4
Mini-previews are short clips of scenes from the book, kind of like the glimpses of scenes you see in movie trailers. Each one will only be a few paragraphs long, but will give you a taste of what is to come. I try to pick these scenes in such a way that they do not spoil major plot points, however: If you have not read the other books in the Jharro Grove Saga, SPOILERS AHEAD!

 Tarah came to a sudden stop, her teeth clinched. It hadn’t occurred to her that the imp might be able to use his magic to discover her secret. A few villagers that were walking her way took one look at her face and moved to the far side of the street. She considered throwing the axe into the nearby canal.
“You will tell no one!” she sent forcefully.
“Won’t I?” said the imp gleefully.
Cletus’ whistling cut off mid-song. “I won’t, Pretty Tarah! I won’t tell no one that . . . What am I not telling?”
“I wasn’t talking to you, Cletus,” Tarah snapped and started walking forward again. She reminded herself that she didn’t need to talk to the imp aloud. While she was holding the handle of the axe they had a partial mental connection. He could speak in her mind and she could speak back mentally, but he was not able to read her thoughts.
Esmine reappeared in front of her, walking backwards at the same speed as Tarah’s anger quickened strides. Her child-like arms were folded, an impish smile on her face. “You want me to talk to the axe for you?”
“No.” I can handle him, Tarah replied mentally, knowing that the imp couldn’t hear her thoughts unless they were directed at him.
“Ho-ho! It seems that I have some very important information here, Terri. Information that could be quite useful in our negotiations.”
That information is non-negotiable, Tarah replied, noting with irritation that Theodore had gone back to playing with her name. She was definitely going to need to re-establish respect with the imp. You are going to help me and you are going to do so without demanding some ridiculous price in return.
“Tsk-tsk, Terri,” said Theodore, his voice no longer teasing. “Everything is negotiable.”


Thank you everyone. Please stay tuned for updates. I’m doing my best to make this worth the wait.

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