Protector of the Grove has been released!

Howdy folks.

Awesome news! I just uploaded Protector of the Grove to Amazon.  It could take up to twelve hours for the book to appear but I often have readers tell me they see it within four to six. Please tell me in the comments below when you get it. I’ll come back and post a link when I know for sure the book is live.

UPDATE: It’s live.

I have also already uploaded the physical copy of the book to Createspace. It should be available on Amazon within a day or two.

Whoo! This has felt like a long haul. The last month has been especially crazy with all the work I had to do. Twenty page days. Writing from noon to 3 AM. Exhausting.


Please tell your friends! Share on Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Get the word out. We need this one to be a hit!

Thanks for your support,

Trevor H. Cooley


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15 Responses to Protector of the Grove has been released!

  1. Brian says:

    Thank you for this wonderful book I am about to read. Please write lots more now. Now I’m off to abuse my kindles battery some more. Whoopee, another sleepless night.

  2. Very good now please, take 3 days off. You totally deserve it and in another dag-gum 30days kindly release the next book. Muahahahaha. Muhahahahaha

  3. justin says:

    Just downloaded it.

  4. Chris Edwards says:


  5. Yxeas says:

    I just got it reading it now.

  6. Chris Edwards says:

    Fantastic! I look forward to buying it first thing tomorrow 🙂

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