Early October Update and Eye of the Moonrat FREE This Weekend!

What a crazy month it has been since my last post. I have some cool news to share.

First, The Ogre Apprentice release will be late this month. I have been delayed a bit by the passing of my grandmother. She was a great woman and very important to me. I’ll miss her.

Second, I have received the finished audiobook files for Eye of the Moonrat. I am reviewing them right now and they sound great. James Foster did a fantastic job. You guys are going to love it. I will update you again when I am sure of the release date. As soon as I have finished my listen through, I will pass it on to Audible and their quality control review could take another week or two. I am hoping it is out by the end of the month but since this is my first go around with them we will just have to wait and see.

Third, the lovely and talented Renu Sharma is already at work on the cover for The Ogre Apprentice. I love the idea for the cover and I think you will too. I will reveal it as soon as it is finished.


Lastly for now, Amazon is running a promotion for Eye of the Moonrat. The kindle edition will be offered for FREE from today, October 3rd through Thursday, October 7th. Please if you have not yet started the series, pick it up now. This is also a great opportunity for you to share the series with your friends. Please let them know that the book is free. They can pick it up and read it through the Kindle App on their phones, laptops, or tablets if they don’t have a Kindle. Link HERE

Thank you so much. You guys are going to love this new book. So much great Fist and Squirrel interaction!


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9 Responses to Early October Update and Eye of the Moonrat FREE This Weekend!

  1. Harold Probert says:

    Hello, my name is Harold and I am trying to wait very patiently for the release date, but could you help me out here. Maybe throw me a bone about what day you are releasing it please. Hope to hear from you.
    PS reread the series again.

    • Harold,

      I plan on writing a post about it soon, but the passing of my grandmother and a few other things have slowed me down. Right now it looks like a mid-November release. I hope to have the cover ready back from Renu in the next week or so, though that was delayed as well. Then I can post that and I will also post the first chapter of The Ogre Apprentice around the same time.

      • Harold Probert says:

        Thank you very much for the update. Can’t wait for it. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I lost mine 3 months ago too.

  2. Peter Rope says:

    I think that’s the reason I felt like leaving a comment Trevor, it is an excellent saga where you find yourself concerned about all the characters (including squirrel) and intrigued by all the plotlines whereas an awful lot of stories are hit and miss.
    One of my favourite characters has to be Mellinda, such a conniving succubus of a villain!, and I can’t wait to find out how she is finally stopped.

  3. Peter Rope says:

    I’d just like to say what an utterly excellent read the Bowl of Souls is.
    It is by far the best saga in this genre that I have enjoyed and relished in years(if not decades!)
    I am looking forward to the next instalment immensely.

  4. Shaun says:

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait! Was just thinking about this last night, so the update is really appreciated. Sorry for you loss, gratefully the Gospel helps sooth that pain, but it still sucks. Really looking forward to the next book and I’ll definitely tell others about the free offer. Thanks!

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