Updated Noose Jumpers Cover!

Howdy Folks!

I have a pretty neat announcement to make. I am updating the cover for the Kindle and Audiobook versions of Noose Jumpers.

While I really do love the original cover art, I have received feedback from readers and passionate relatives that the cover wasn’t as immediately eye catching as it should be. Especially in thumbnail form. It is the kind of cover that is more interesting after having read the book, but may not pull folks in from the beginning. So, with a mixture of excitement and sadness for the cover that was, here is the reveal:



I think it screams action and calls back to the old posters of the Spaghetti Western era.

This new artwork was done by the narrator for my audiobooks, Mr. Andrew Tell. As you can see, he is not just a vocal talent, but is also a brilliant cover artist.

For the time being, the Paperback edition will keep the original cover.

What do you folks think?

Trevor H. Cooley

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6 Responses to Updated Noose Jumpers Cover!

  1. Brice says:

    Hey Trevor I just was wondering how your book The Hangin Tree is coming?

    • Brice,

      I haven’t started on it yet. Noose Jumpers hasn’t sold very many copies and with how slow things have been on Amazon I am going to need to wait to start on it. I was going to write it next, but now I can’t afford to take the risk. Hopefully sales will improve and I will be able to go back to the world of Noose Jumpers before too long. I had a real push back with my existing readers just not willing to read a fantasy western.

      • Brice says:

        I thought it was amazing western it’s too bad it’s not selling well

        • Thanks, Brice! I’m glad you liked it. The people that have read it really seem to agree with you, but there just haven’t been enough people giving it a shot. Hopefully it will catch on eventually. I do plan on writing more in the series but right now I need to focus on regenerating the income lost when Noose Jumpers didn’t sell.

  2. Markus Olfson says:

    Yup, very spaghetti western and eye pulling. Good call.

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