Troll King Release Info

How does next week sound?


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13 Responses to Troll King Release Info

  1. Zek says:

    It’s next week now. Where’s the book?!
    Jk, can’t wait. I’ve been checking this page literally two or three times a day to see if it’s here.

  2. Debbie Lucas says:

    Poor Trev, you just can’t write these books quickly enough to satisfy our obsessive addiction with your Moon Rats series. Hurry the flip up man !!!
    Kind regards, Deb Lucas {one of your obsessed, addicted and now stressed fans from Brisbane, Australia} ♥

  3. Zek says:

    Sounds good. I will download it onto the kindle pretty much immediately.

  4. Kels says:


  5. Diana Geiger says:

    Oh bless you Trevor! This is where one week will feel like an eternity.

  6. Doreen says:

    Sounds good to me..

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