The Troll King is HERE!


Howdy, folks!

Exciting day of days! It’s here! I just submitted the Troll King to Amazon. Available now!


This one was a long time coming. The things that happen here are things I have envisioned since book two. This is the penultimate book in the current saga; my Empire Strikes Back or maybe to be more accurate, my The War of Stardeon of the Jharro Grove Saga, if you will. I am really happy with the way it came out.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Some stats:

26 chapters including the Prologue and Epilogue

142,040 words

That’s an estimated 473 average paperback pages similar to the length of some of my longer books such as The War of Stardeon

Please buy it and read it and love it and tell your friends about it. And get ready because as big as the events in this book are, the next one is going to be a doozy.

Post in the comments once you’ve got yours!

Much love,

Trevor H. Cooley


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42 Responses to The Troll King is HERE!

  1. Laura Raymond says:

    Dear Mr. Cooley, I enjoy your stories immensely. I admire your character development and sheer storytelling inventiveness more than I can say. However, even though your stories are perfectly marvellous, whoever is editing your work for grammar, spelling, and malapropisms is driving me mad. It’s driven me to this, that I am reaching out to you to say PLEASE LET ME PROOFREAD for you. I may end up throwing my phone out the window if I read “populous” when you meant “populace” one more time. Or another misplaced apostrophe s. Or another grammatical construct that misuses the subjunctive case so badly. These details ruin the wonderful rhythm and sense of your writing, which is just incredibly good. There are on average five errors per page in almost all of the books I have read so far, and I want to enjoy the rest of The Troll King knowing that you’re willing to have someone at least as competent as I doing your proofreading. Please? I beg you!

    Sincerely yours,

    Laura Raymond

    • Laura,

      Thank you for contacting me and I am glad you enjoy my writing. As an independent author, I do not have the luxury to call on, or the income to hire, professional editors. My wife and I do the best we can with a few friends and family as support.

      I did not know that errors were so prevalent in my manuscript and I would be very happy to accept your help. If you wouldn’t mind writing down the errors you find, you could send me an email using the Contact button at the top of the page. I can fix and upload a new version to Amazon so that future readers won’t see the same mistakes you did. This has happened from time to time with past readers and though it is a bit embarrassing to find mistakes, it is helpful

      Thank you.

  2. sara klein says:

    One more thing, I’m no book critic but I believe the reason I love your books is the time effort you have put into the other characters. There’s more to it all then just good guy vs. bad guy. There are good guys gone bad and visa versa.

  3. sara klein says:

    At the end and I have loved everything about the bowl of souls. I hope to see more of fist and his new tribe. Please tell me when I can expect the next book.


  4. Monica says:

    Is it just me who was disappointed with his latest book? I am sorry to say Trevor, that I found it slightly challenging to finish reading till the end as the book failed to be engaging – unlike your earlier works pre-Tarah. I hope you will not take my opinion as a criticism because believe me it’s meant only as constructive feedback to hopefully improve the next one.
    For example, please consider why the Harry Potter series was such a success world-wide. The author’s basic format was that she had one main hero and one main villain. Of course there were many engaging, supporting characters around Harry, but he remained the focus as the plots centered on him. And with each installment in the series, Rowling not only developed Harry & Voldemort’s characters and abilities, but also made the readers so emotionally engaged with what happened to both in the plots. I very much loved your series right until Ewzad died and thought that though different, it was very much on par with Harry Potter, but recently I’ve started to lose interest. And this made me sad enough to spend time writing this review, cause I know that you are such an amazing author and capable for so much more!

    Another suggestion you may want to consider: I have another amazing fiction author whose works I followed religiously and he never failed to satisfy his fans. Michael R. Hicks wrote the ‘In Her Name’ sci-fi series and divided them into 3 different time-lines. He offered a lot of his first installment books free on his website/amazon, so if you have time, you may want to check him out. The one practice that he did on his website was to call for ‘beta readers’ to help him with the late stages of drafting his books prior to being publicly released. This process helped to improve the final products he presented to the fans. And because of this meticulous process, all the books he produced in the series had been similarly outstanding and he consistently received hundreds of 5-star reviews in Amazon.
    (please note I have zero affiliations with Mr Hicks besides being one of his faithful fans like I am yours, so far).

    Hope this helps! Take care and I hope to see the next book becomes magical again.

    • Zek says:

      I see what you mean, Monica, but Trevor isn’t just telling about the adventure a person had, he’s telling how an entire world went through a change, and all the people key in the changing process. As far as the world he has created, and the history and story he’s telling now, this is comparable to one of Tolkien’s works.

      The reason there has to be more than one “main character” is because this is a tale of an entire world.And there is only once main villain, the Dark Prophet. The saga cannot be narrowed down to just one main character, because the core of the story is how all the people were key in the conflict, with none being more important than the others. Edge was the “main character” in the first series because it sets him up to be the organizing leader.

      I don’t wish to be argumentative, and I apologize if I do. I’m just hoping this has opened yours and anyone else’s mind a little more

      • Monica says:

        Hi Zek,

        Yes, I realise that it’s a tale of a bigger world that’s not limited to only Justan & his bonded. That’s what makes it very challenging for the author: when there’s so many stories to tell, so many different characters and their point of views, it’s a delicate balance that is difficult to achieve without sacrificing the overall quality of the story.
        I’ll just leave it at that for now & say no more – I’m still looking forward to his next book.
        Take care!

    • Monica,

      I want you to know that I appreciate and value your opinion. From the way your post reads, I am pretty sure that I also read your review on Amazon. I am sorry that you have not been as enamored with the new saga as you were the first one. I admit, the Jharro Grove Sage is a bit of a departure from the Moonrat Saga, but that was my plan with it all along. Justan was the main character of the The Moonrat Saga and I set it up that way like you said.

      The Jharro Grove Saga is more of an ensemble cast effort. It hasn’t evolved into that. It’s been that way since book one of the saga. I have a lot of tale to tell and Justan can’t do it all by himself. I understand that people who are big Justan fans are frustrated that he hasn’t had as big a role to play as in the last saga. I have also heard from a few fans that are frustrated that Justan hasn’t reached his full potential yet. (I have been hearing that one since book three. People want him to be a superhero and go off on his own kicking butt.) Please understand that I have a long term plan for the Bowl of Souls series overall.

      There will be two more sagas after this one. Justan will take the role of main character back up again. He will also continue to grow and improve. If he had reached his full potential already, I would have nowhere to go with him. He is just 21 years old at this point in the story after all. I have been dreaming up the legend of Sir Edge since I was a teenager. He is dear to my heart and I have big plans.

      In the meantime, I have been enjoying writing the tale of Fist and the evil in the mountains as well as Tarah and her struggles. I also enjoy writing about Willum and Jhonate and I like the mix of villains. I hope that you aren’t so worried about Justan not being the main focus that you haven’t been able to enjoy the other aspects of the tale. If that is the case, you may be disappointed with the next book as well because I need to finish Fist’s story and I need to complete Tarah’s journey as well as hopefully get Justan and Jhonate to their wedding while they try to protect the grove.

      As an independent author, I am dependent on every reader and your reviews and opinions matter. It’s how the word gets spread and how I am able to support my family. I can’t hope to please everyone, but if people stop buying my books, I’d have to do something else.

      So please believe me, I am listening to all the criticisms and I take them into account. I worry over every negative review on Amazon. I keep my wife up at night second guessing myself and hoping that a one or two star review won’t convince people not to try the books.

      Nevertheless, as my wife constantly reminds me, I need to tell the tale I have envisioned. If I did make Justan a solo act, people would complain that he is overpowered. Also it would negate his bonding magic. His bonded are his true strength. The swords and skills are just an aspect of who he is.

      At any rate, thank you for reading and bearing with me so far. I hope that you will continue to be a reader and I hope that I didn’t say anything in this overlong reply that offends.

      Thank you,


      • Monica says:

        Hi Trevor,

        Thanks for the reply and for appreciating & valuing my opinion. It’s good to know that your readers’ opinions matter.

        I was a fan of a different author, Laurell K Hamilton for her Anita Blake series, for more than 10 years. And her AB series had gone from fantastic, to bad then worse and no matter how many bad reviews she got on Amazon, her recent works never seemed to improve and she just kept churning out one bad book after another for years even until now.
        I had completely given up being her fan, and just don’t want the same thing to happen here with your Bowl of Souls series.

        Like I said, I haven’t given up on you/your works just yet, and will continue to have faith that the series will just keep getting better and better with time. Now that you’d explained your long term vision for the series, it certainly sounds like the best is yet to come. So I apologise if you felt like I was being too impatient/critical at this early juncture.

        I have just changed my Amazon ratings for your book from 2 stars to 3, so don’t keep your wife awake tonight second guessing yourself ok :). Can’t go any higher than 3 though, otherwise I’ll be lying to myself and others. Hope that’ll help a little bit.
        In the past I had even spread the word of your good works to some of my friends who also love to read magical/fantasy books – that’s how much I liked your earlier works. Anyways, take care.

        Still a loyal fan,


  5. Zek says:

    Just left a review on amazon yesterday. Five stars of course. Btw, can you tell us what the title of the next book is? Or will that have to wait?

    • Zek,
      I’m still trying to decide what to call it. In fact, I’m not sure whether it will be a two book finale or one. I will post more when I know.

      • Zek says:

        Cool, make it two if you need to. Don’t want you leaving out anything “unimportant” because you’re trying to get it all in one

      • Zek says:

        Were you planning on making a “Hilt’s Pride” for Falcon? If you could do that after the Jharro Grove Saga, that would be really cool

        • Who do you mean? Falcon?

          • Zek says:

            Sorry,my auto correct made it Falcon, I meant Faldon.

          • Ah! Well there is a story I have wanted to tell. One that stars Faldon and Tamboor and Locksher and a young Ewzad Vriil. I hinted about it in book three. However, Hilt’s Pride taught me that, no matter how cool I think the story would be, people don’t want to buy a Novella. Sales have been anemic. I get messages from people fairly often that have read all the books except Hilt’s Pride because they see it as optional to the story.

            I have considered telling this particular tale as a stand alone full novel, but I don’t know if readers would care enough to buy it or if they would just wait for the next main book in the series.

          • sara klein says:

            I would enjoy another novella. Hilts pride was really and cool to know exactly how he met Beth.

            P.s. next time I will read all reviews before replying and try to keep it all in one post.


          • Sara,

            I really enjoyed writing Hilt’s Pride. I have ideas for more novellas, but they don’t really sell well, I have thought about doing a novella compilation with three or so, making a full length book, but I don’t know how excited that would get people.

  6. Elishia says:

    Absolutely loved it! Now the long wait for the next book. I think I need to re-read it, I finished a few hours after I bought it.

  7. Russ says:

    just finished it and now i have to wait for the next one

  8. Ashley says:

    Oh, my, goodness. I just finished. And now I have to wait again! I should have paced myself or something. If you haven’t read it yet, get on with it already. It was so fun!

  9. Carlos says:

    Just bought it on Amazon. Its going to be a long night.

  10. Zek says:

    I will be up WAY too late tonight, but I really don’t care 🙂 Thank you so much Trevor

  11. Patrick says:

    Best News Ever!!!

  12. Ulli says:

    Can’t wait! – … and perfect timing for my vacation next week. 🙂

  13. Morgan says:

    Super excited!!! Now the struggle is do I keep reading the book I’m reading, or do I stop in the middle to read this one. >_<

  14. Bob says:

    Can’t wait. Should have read your post first. Just spent twenty minutes trying to figure out how Amazon might be hiding the link. I have seen them take 24-48 hrs to list books by Terry Mancour after he noted a release.

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