THE WAR OF STARDEON: Map and Release date.

THE WAR OF STARDEON Release Date 4/10/2013 NOW!!

That’s right, folks!  Next Wednesday.

I completed a marathon writing session and finished writing the ending over the weekend. Now we are going through our final editing pass and I will make it available on Amazon in ebook format 4/10. The paperback should be available a day or two later.

Book Four will be exclusive on Amazon for the first 90 days, then appear on Smashwords and Nook and everywhere else. For you that don’t have Kindles, you can read it on your PC, MAC, smart phone, tablet, Ipad or most any other non-exclusive format through the free Kindle APP. If you have any difficulties making it work, let me know. There are ways to make everything work. When in doubt, Bing, Google, or whatever.

Oh, and MAP!!

My good friend and long time Role Playing enthusiast Michael Patty put the map together for me. It will be included in the War of Stardeon and I will go back and upload new kindle versions of all my books with the map included for future purchasers. In the meantime, check it out below. We hope to eventually have an interactive map page on the site where you can click on different locations and pull up histories and interesting information. That is a work in progress, though.

Click to pull up the full size.




Trevor H. Cooley

4/8 EDIT: went ahead and put it out a couple days early. EXCITE!!

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