The War of Stardeon cover revealed!

The War of Stardeon comes out mid April. (Exact date to be announced.) Until then, feast your eyes!!

TWOS Cover 2meg


Artwork by the lovely Renu. see her site HERE. Like her page HERE. She is the artist who did the new cover for book one.

I had the concept for the cover in mind for a while now. I didn’t know how Renu was going to pull it off but she did a great job. I actually had my brother pose for the photo she created the artwork off of.  That’s right, my brother Jared is the face of Ewzad Vriil. Only thing Renu had to do was give him a throbbing vein on his temple and bring his fingers to life. (Just kidding, as you can see there was a lot more to it than that.)

The figures standing at his sides are of course Talon and The Mother of the Moonrats.

Once I have the final page count done, Renu will complete the back cover and spine and I will post the full cover.

Coming next I hope is the full map of the areas in the series so far and then Book Four.

Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

Trevor H. Cooley

For those curious, here is the image she started with:

Before Image for Cover


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