The Ogre Apprentice Print Edition Available

Howdy Folks!

The Ogre Apprentice is now available in a print edition on Createspace.

It will be available on Amazon within the next 3-5 business days.

The book is 16×9 trade paperback with a glossy finish and is a compact 415 pages. It sells for $14.99

Here is the full cover. Renu did a great job with the back cover.



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18 Responses to The Ogre Apprentice Print Edition Available

  1. Anne says:

    Just “discovered ” your series bc of kindle unlimited. Read them all… (devoured more like…which is big for me bc l average abt 4-5 hrs of sleep /day so to read a whole series like l did with yours is the highest complement l csn give!!)
    Hope the next one comes out quick!! I “accidentally ” bought” the second set of the moonrat saga from kindle, but after reading one of your posts below abt royalties /rent etc l’m not going to ask kindle for a refund bc talent like your DESERVES to be supported! !
    However. ..I now own two copies of Hilt and Beth’s story.
    If you want to compensate me. …
    sincerely your newest fan!
    “sleepy ” Anne

    • Anne,

      Thanks so much. I am glad you enjoyed my books and I will do my best to get the next book out quickly. I’m not prepared to say exactly when that will be yet, though.


  2. Connor says:

    Will the print of this be sold outside of amazon? Since amazon doesn’t ship free to Australia regardless of total order value, it’s a lot cheaper for me to buy from The Book Depository. But this book isn’t on their site.
    To buy 4 other books + the ogre apprentice from amazon will cost me 153 dollars since amazon likes to convert the price to AUD and charge me ~$5 shipping for each individual book, whereas the 4 books minus TOA from book depo will cost me 83 dollars.

    • Connor,

      I am sorry it’s so expensive to get the books from Amazon out there. I published the print edition through Createspace. They have a broad distribution system, but bookstores aren’t interested in stocking the books of Indie authors, so you usually have to order it in. Any place that can get the other books should be able to get this one. You may need to call them if it’s not on their site.

  3. Doreen says:

    Just finished book #8, it was as good as the others. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  4. Rob says:

    Well galdern it if aren’t you the parable weaver telling a story that is worthy of great old word, Bildungsroman. In book one which also had its insights but in which you had to paint a world and your plot and key characters. But in book two it is clear you are floating some teally beautiful life lessons but only as a very natural part of the Story. I am only at the part where justan figures out the game of elements. And then the story of the Unity game. Also the flow of your second volume is even better thus far. This is such a lovely book with great insight. And yes why be grim. Really enjoyable! I hope you do not mind my posting while listening. I will be reading your third volume seems likely. Unless you get it on audio very quickly. Why other people get tired of such journeys and call then played out. I think they must miss out that a spiritual journey for every author have something different and vamuable to offer. In any case, your books work beautifully on both levels. I almost used Bildunsgroman in book one but did as all books worth reading have insight and growth but yours has a really nice progression. If you are in your twenties you have learned a lot at your age. Really lovely book two. I will post again once finished. I hope I have only complemented and alluded and not spoiled the plot at all. Feel free to unpost me if I have. I was just very pleased and psyched that your book has such depth. Cheers! Rob

  5. Erin Quinn says:

    I LOVE your work :-* I have had so much fun at work, while cleaning and even exercising while listening to the bowl of souls 1&2. When will audible release #3? I can’t wait!

  6. steven says:

    Bout time looking forward to this book for ages was rereading other 7 books when this came out so far so good really like fist and squirrel they make me laugh

  7. Justin Barton says:

    Really enjoyed the book! Will we get to find out, at some point, who the fourth prophet is and what she does?

  8. FrChris says:

    Thank you very much for the explanation.

    I will do exactly that (renting and buying) !

  9. FrChris says:

    Hi Trevor,

    I’ve just received the notification from Amazon that let me know that your book is available in France. Congrats, I will read it soon.

    If I may ask : Does amazon pay you the same if I borrow the book from Kindle Unlimited or if I purchase the book ?

    I’m still trying to figure out if KU is a good or bad thing for authors.

    Quality indie authors like you are a great thing for readers because :

    – We can read the books as soon as there are done
    – An indie authors can publish several books a year
    – The price are low (not my primary consideration because my time is more valuable than a few bucks)

    The least I can hope in return, is that you can make a living (and ideally a good one) with the sales.

    I wish to support (great) indie authors if I can.



    • Thanks, FrChris!
      If you purchase a book priced between 2.99-9.99 US, the author makes 70% royalty. If the author charges less or more than that, they make 35%.
      If you rent from Kindle Unlimited and read at least 1/10 of the book, then the author gets credit for a rental.

      Amazon budgets a certain dollar amount for rentals and at the end of the month distributes the funds evenly for each rental. This is usually 1.30-1.50 US depending on the month.

      So to answer your question, authors make more money if you purchase the book unless their book is less than 2.99 US. For my books, this means that I actually make more money on rentals of Eye of the Moonrat and Hilt’s Pride, but less on all my other books.

      In addition, for an author to put their book into Kindle Unlimited, they must sell that book at Amazon exclusively. For me, this wasn’t a hard decision because I sold very little books on Itunes or Nook or Kobo.

      I hope this answers your question. What I like people to do is rent the book and then decide they want to buy it after reading at least 10% of it. LOL

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