The Ogre Apprentice Audiobook is Almost Here!

Great news, folks! Recording is finished on The Ogre Apprentice audiobook. It has been approved and sent on to Audible and Itunes.
They will do their quality control checks and as soon as they are done it will be available to you! Now it can take up to two weeks before it is available, but the last two times we did this, it only took six days or so, so keep your ears out for it and please comment here if you see it available.

As usual, Andrew tell did a fantastic job with his rendition so please leave a review and let him know. Also, this is the second longest audiobook so far, at 17 Hours 47 Minuites

 I will post again once I know it is purchasable for sure.

One last thing. I will post one last preview of Noose Jumpers later this week. The chapter is titled, “Right in Front of His Wanted Poster” and is the introduction to the last member of the Red Star Gang; Tom Dunn, and the mischievous specter that guides him.

I am very close to being finished with that book and am so eager to share it with you. More news coming soon!


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