October Update

Howdy folks!

Let me start off with some great news.


The Noose Jumpers Audiobook has been completed and submitted to Audible and Itunes. It should be available to purchase some time in the next 5-10 business days. Please let me know once you see it! I’ll be posting links to it once I have them.

Andrew Tell did a fantastic job with the narration as he has done on the Bowl of Souls books. It runs about 14 hours long and is a lot of fun. He did amazing things with the characters of our heroes and their legendary backers.

For those of you that aren’t audiobook listeners and are eagerly awaiting the next Bowl of Souls novel, please give the Noose Jumpers Kindle Edition or Paperback a chance in the meantime. I know that many of you are put off by the fact that it is set in the Old West, but this is not your standard Western. It is a fantasy in a new world and the beginning of a new series that I plan to write between Bowl of Souls books. Setting aside it’s unconventional setting, it is still my characterization and sense of humor. Judging by the reviews so far and conversations I have had with readers, those of my fans that give it a try really like it and look forward to the next one. I could use your support.

Now for more updates.

Writing of Priestess of War (Book Ten of the Bowl of Souls series and Part Five of the Jharro Grove Saga) is coming along fine. I hope to be finished by the end of November. My wife is holding my grits to the fire to get that done. I think you are going to enjoy where this story goes.

SPOILER WARNING IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED TROLL KING. It features Fist and Justan most heavily, focusing on the aftermath of the disaster in Malaroo and Fist dealing with the new threat that has harnessed the power of the evil in the Black Lake. END OF SPOILERS.

Renu is working on the cover as I write this. There were a few delays along the way, but her work should done soon. I am excited to share that with you.

Also, I am still holding that Bowl of Souls audiobook promotion. I still have many codes left. If you are interested, I would be happy to send you a code for a Bowl of Souls audiobook. Any one of books 1-7 that you wish. The audiobooks are fun alternate way to read the story again and I’d love to get you started.

Finally, I would like to mention that the Noose Jumpers short film is making its rounds of the festival circuit, showing this weekend at the Orlando Film Festival as well as the Way Down Film Festival in Columbus Georgia. My brother is keeping busy attending both of them.

EDIT: The film was nominated for Best Short Film at the Orlando Film Festival! Even though it didn’t win, it’s still a huge honor. Only five were nominated out of over 200 short films!

Thank you. I hope to have more updates for you soon!

Trevor H. Cooley


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