Noose Jumpers Audiobook is Here!

The wait is over! You can get your copy now!


14 Hrs long and narrated beautifully by Andrew Tell. Give it a chance, folks. You need something to read while you’re waiting for me to finish Priestess of War, right?

Here’s a bonus fan art Noose Jumper’s Poster by Andrew Tell himself.


“A novel set in a fantastical version of the American West.

The Noose Jumper Era was a chaotic time of lawlessness in the late 1800s when a growing tide of outlaws engaged in a race to become famous. Most of them ended up at the noose.

Three young men emerge from a small town in the territory of New Mexico. They are bound by a pact and guided by mysterious powerful beings that no one else can see. Together they must face off against the Sheriff of Puerta de la Muerte, a wicked man who cannot be struck by bullets. Are they destined to become legends, or are they just mere noose jumpers?”

It should be on Itunes shortly!

Coming up next week, The Priestess of War cover reveal!

Let me know what you think and please, tell your friends.

Trevor H. Cooley

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