My Ninja Dog (story by my 10-year-old son.)

Hey folks,

Sorry it’s been a while. Things have been crazy since book three came out. I decided to put Eye of the Moonrat back up at .99. I am hoping to lure people in at the smaller price and hook them so that they HAVE to buy the other two. *Rubs hands together maniacally*

We had a great month in September and so far, since book two came out in July I have sold over 8000 copies of my books on Kindle. It is amazing and scary and wonderful all at once. Thank you all for your support and I promise I am working hard on book four.

In the meantime, I have a little treat for you. My son came home from school with part one of a story he is writing in class. He is ten years old, but has read quite a lot, including the Harry Potter books, Leven Thumps, and my books. I got quite a kick out of his tale of adventure so I have to share it with you. When I told him I wanted to put it on my blog, he said, “But it isn’t finished. That’s just the first three chapters!” I told him that I would share the rest as he finished them. He seemed pretty excited.

The story below is completely unedited by me. The punctuation, spelling and everything are still intact along with his sense of proportion. So without further ado, Here it is.

Trevor H. Cooley

My Ninja Dog


One day when they used a time machine, (15000 AD), I was in it when we traveled to the dinosaur age. A tyrannosaurus rex killed the others. I took the others’ money. I ran to the time machine and activated it. It went to Japan 1632.

Chapter 1:

The next moment I was hanging on a cliff looking down at the falling time machine going down to the bottom.

“That was close,” I said while I was pulling myself up.

Then I started to run down the road.

Chapter 2:

It felt like hours until I found a city. Everyone talked Japanese.

“Glad I took Japanese class,” I thought.

I walked inside an auction.

“This is before we had to pay that much, so I could buy a lot of stuff, and I can get something useful, I hope,” I said.

I got a lot of stuff, but I only need to tell you the thing most important. I bought a ninja dog for only $1000. It has manners and everything like armor skills. It looks black. Its eyes are the color of the sky, it has strong legs, and one foot tall.

Chapter 3:

The next day I woke up and put my blaster in my pocket and ran to feed my dog. After that, I went to the bar to look for some jobs.

“Got a job,” said Yuri, a small person, (very fat I might add) 3 foot tall, 130 pounds, and his eyes are all white (creepy huh?).

To be continued . . .

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