June 2013 Bowl of Souls update

Hey folks, I know it’s been quiet around here lately. The intense weeks leading up to the release of the War of Stardeon have come and gone and it’s been a roller coaster couple of months. The rush of the book release has faded a bit and I’m working on a  few fun projects.

First of all, of course, I’m writing book five. Mother of the Moonrat is the end of this first Bowl of Souls series. It has been a long time coming for me and there is a lot to be revealed. It is both exciting and difficult to write because it has to be amazing. I plan on a September or October release date.

I have had people tell me that reading the book will be bittersweet for them because they will hate saying goodbye to the characters. That goodby won’t be for long. Mother of the Moonrat will end the tale that started with Ewzad Vrill sacrificing his old friend to claim the Rings of Stardeon, but those that survive the war will live on for further adventures. I have plans for at least two more series, so don’t be sad when it ends. Be excited to find out what happens next.

In addition to writing the 5th book, my friend Michael Patty and I have been designing a Bowl of Souls role playing game. Michael has been a gamer since the late 70’s and has designed dozens of games over the years. We are still in the developmental stages, so there’s not much I can share with you at this time, but I am very excited about it. Here is what I can say. The playable character races are Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome, and Half-Orc. You can be Wizards, warriors, spirit magic weilders, academy graduates, and bonding wizards. Besides, the setting of the Bowl of Souls world, one thing that makes the game unique is that we do not use dice. We use the universal deck of cards described in Messenger of the Dark Prophet. It is the standard card deck used in the world and we use it to determine spells and attacks and damage. We have been play testing the game over the last few weeks and it is very fun. I will be posting more info about the game here as we get closer to the finish date.

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And as always, I must ask you all. Please, if you love the books,  tell your friends about the series. Leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Nook, Kobo, or Itunes. Whatever method you can use to tell the world about the Bowl of Souls is greatly appreciated. I am still an independent writer, which means I’m still working my day job and writing in the evenings. All expenditures, be it book covers, advertizing, and promotion, it all comes from my small family budget.

So thank you for your patience in waiting for book five and most of all, thank you for reading.

Trevor H. Cooley

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