Hilt’s Pride in paperback and other Updates

So due to demand, Hilt’s Pride is now available in a print edition.

Our friend Michael Patty put the full cover together. He did a great job tying in the back cover to the style of the front cover my brother Justin originally made.

Check it out. It’s awesome; one of my favorites so far. Priced at only $7.55 each

Hilt'sPride fullCover_final

It is available on createspace right now at https://www.createspace.com/4237971

It will appear on Amazon in the next day or two.

In other news, The War of Stardeon has been ranked in the top twenty in epic fantasy for several days now. Thanks so much all of you who have purchased it. Please tell your friends.

We need more reviews! Reviews are the lifeblood of books on Amazon, so please if you have finished the books, leave a review and tell people what you think. It means a lot.

Also if you haven’t had a chance to check out the interactive map, go ahead and do so. The link is above.

And this month on Lenny Swears, Lenny and his party of adventurers are gearing up to fight some demons and attempt to kill one of the Ten Monsters of Legend.


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10 Responses to Hilt’s Pride in paperback and other Updates

  1. Lex W. says:

    Oh probably Jhonate because she has a very distinct character and always sticks up for herself.

  2. Lex W. says:

    Very good series! I love the story, it really makes you think

  3. Una,

    Amazing review. Thank you so much. I am humbled that my books were your first epic fantasy. And don’t worry, Though the fifth book will mean the end of this series. It will not be the end of these characters or the world they inhabit. I have several more series burning a hole in the back of my brain.
    In the meantime there are so many fin series I could recommend to you. Try David Eddings. The Belgariad is one of my favorite fantasy series and one that I think has a similar flavor to mine.



    P.S. Who is your favorite character?

  4. Una says:

    Just wanted you to see my Amazon review for Book 4, and really, what I feel about your writing in general!

    To Sir Evor Cool, With Love

    After having slogged though all 13 of Terry Goodall’s “Richard and Kahlan” series….actually I did enjoy them…pick up my iPad to read Trevor H. Cooley’s 4th in the series was like a breath of fresh air! There is so much depth to his characters (yes, of course I read 1.5…duh!), and they become so likeable and endearing, the story line runs at a well thought out pace, though honestly, I want even more….screw under 400 pages, Sir Evor Cool! This is EPIC FANTASY!!!! He keeps things so fresh, new story-lines bloom effortlessly, I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Cooley’s writing style. It really clicks with me. As much as I want to read the next one when it’s done baking…a deep part of me is saddened that it will mean the end of series that I cut my “virgin to fantasy” (Harry Potter doesn’t count…and I cried just as hard at the loss of one of Mr. Cooley’s characters as I did in Rowlings) teeth on. Mr. Cooley showed my imagination an entire genre I had been missing out on until my 40th year of life, and that, dear readers, is a precious gift indeed! With Bravo’s and Applause, Una (from Edmund Spencer’s Epic Canto, “The Faerie Queen”, Una stands for Truth, Virtue, and Loyalty…iffn’ you ever want to use the name in a book.) WHAT? It’s a damn cool name and is not used enough in literature…especially this genre!

  5. CTWong says:

    Hi Mr Cooley, how about some updates on the final book, Mother of Moonrats. Can’t wait! Well done. Keep writing. I hope your books will be made into movies. As I read, I always imagine how it would be like in a movie. I see the scenes in my mind. I hope you’ll write more books. Good luck!

    • Thanks! So glad you like the books. I would love to see a movie made too. I often envision what a scene would look like on film as I write it.

      I am writing Mother of the Moonrat now. I hope to have it finished by this fall. I will keep you updated on this site.

      Thanks and please help spread the word!

      Trevor H. Cooley

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