Join the Bowl of Souls Discord Server.

Howdy Folks!

I have some fun news and a short update for you.

We now have a Bowl of Souls Discord server!

What is a Discord server? I had that same question. I have heard of it before from a few fandoms I have, but never looked too deep into it. Luckily, I have a daughter who is up to date on all the newest apps and when she told me she wanted to make a Discord for Bowl of Souls she was really enthusiastic.

Discord is a chatting app where you can get together with like-minded fans and talk about the things you like. The only way to join a particular server is if you’re invited, so this keeps out the creepers and weirdos. My daughter is moderating the server and I will be popping in from time-to-time to interact with fans.

To join the Bowl of Souls Discord server and talk about the characters and series with other fans, simply click on the invitation link below:


This should be a fun new way to talk to each other and keep up to date on the latest fan theories and such.

In other news, I will be announcing the title to Book Eleven in the Bowl of Souls this weekend. I am hard at work writing on it and hope to be finished before the end of April (Fingers Crossed).

Also, just a reminder, I will be signing and selling books at the Coffee County Middle School tonight 3/17/17 from 5-7 P.M. if any of you are in the area and can make it.

Coffee County Middle School

3063 Woodbury Highway, Manchester, TN 37355

Thank you!


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