Hunt of the Bandham audiobook now available!

Hunt of the Bandham is on Audible NOW!

The review process with Audible took a little longer than usual, delaying it by a week, but it’s finally here.

One thing you might notice right away is that I have a new narrator. His name is Andrew Tell. He is a veteran voice and stage actor with a broad range of voices. He does a fantastic job with this book, making each voice sound unique and true to their character. I particularly love his rendition of Fist. He is also a big fan of the books which is a huge plus. He was a pleasure to work with.

The reason for the change of narrator was one of necessity. James Foster is very busy with a long backlog of projects he is working on.  After discussing the future of the series and what I wanted to accomplish, we mutually decided that it was better we move on.

The next audiobook in the works is Hilt’s Pride, which Andrew Tell plans to have finished by mid-July. Then it’s on to The War of Stardeon.

Please click on the link and listen to the sample. I think you’ll like his style.



Trevor H. Cooley


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12 Responses to Hunt of the Bandham audiobook now available!

  1. Josh says:

    Love the series but plzz get them all on aduible I am stuck her .at the end of hunt of band ham it’s said it would continue in audio form with the war of stardon ? Plzz

    • Josh,

      My narrator is working on War of Stardeon now. It should be available on Audible by mid September. We hope to have Mother of the Moonrat done by mid November and then he has cleared his schedule and wants to try and finish one a month after that until we’re caught up.

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books. Did you get a chance to listen to Hilt’s Pride? It’s a great read in the meantime, one of my favorite things I’ve written..

  2. Brianna says:

    I just finished listening to all three of the first books and now I’m just sitting here quietly waiting for War of Stardeon to hit audible someday /sob

    • Brianna,

      Hilt’s Pride is next. It is a novella, but crucial to the overall plot of the series. It will be out in a couple weeks and then War of Stardeon.

    • Have you read the chronicles of nick by sherrilyn kenyon yet? Or Jim Butchers Dresden Files they are great series also and will keep you busy while waiting on the bowl of souls books to catch up on audio to paperback I have around $2500. In books on my Audible so far I know how much the time flies when listening to a great story

      • I haven’t read any of sherrilyn kenyon’s books yet, but I have read the first four Dresden Books and I liked them a lot. It’s funny. Before I started putting my books on audiobook I had no idea just how much people love them.

        • I don’t know what I would do all day if I couldn’t listen to books while I drive and between the dresden files by Jim Butcher and all of Mark Tufo books I’m hooked. Audible has a lifetime member here

  3. Bob says:

    I am now listening to the book after reading it several months ago. I got to admit, I like the new narrator. Fist comes more alive in the audio version. Looking forward to the next book release.

  4. Karen says:

    I love this series and have recommended to friends. However these new audiobooks have got me kind of confused about how Justan’s name is pronounced. When I was reading the series i always just said “Justin” in my head but now that I listen to the audiobooks, the original narrator says “juice-tin” and the new narrator says “juice-tahn.” It really throws me off as I thought Justan would be “J-us-tin” or “J-us-tahn.”

    • Karen,

      The pronunciation is Juice-tahn. The narrator got it wrong in the first book and fixed it in the second book. The new narrator says it correctly.

      This is the dilemma I had when doing audiobooks in the first place. I was worried that people who had read the books first would have a pre-concieved way of saying the names that is part of their relationship with the character. I worried that the pronunciation I intended would throw them off or somehow mess with the feeling they have about the character.

      In the end I decided that having the audiobook format available was worth it. Besides, what if there was an eventual movie? One way or the other, people are going to hear the name of the characters the way I think them in my mind.

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