Cool Tarah Woodblade Video and July Update

Howdy, Folks!

I have some exciting updates for you, but first, you’ve got to check out this fun video from Youtuber Monique Renee.

She read Tarah Woodblade and drew the character. In this time lapse video, she colors her drawing while giving her personal review of the book. I had a lot of fun watching it and I hope she does more. I messaged her on Facebook and she says Eye of the Moonrat is on her reading list!

As for news, there are several cool things in the pipeline.

1. The Hilt’s Pride audiobook will hit Audible, Itunes and Amazon any day now. Stay tuned for that!

2. My brother was in New Mexico a couple weeks ago filming a short film I wrote. He is working on the edit and post production now. It is called “Noose Jumpers” and is a concept video for a full pilot I wrote. He hopes to have it finished some time in August.

3. That short film also doubles as a book trailer for the novel I am writing when The Troll King is finished. It is also called, you guessed it, “Noose Jumpers”. It is a fantasy/mythological western and is the first book I am writing that isn’t part of the Bowl of Souls universe. I already have it plotted out and I am really excited to get going on it and share more with you.

4. I’m sure you are wondering about progress on The Troll King. It is coming along. I still feel like I should have it done by the end of August. Expect a cover reveal as well as sample chapters in the coming weeks!


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