Contest Update and Lenny Swears on Twitter

Howdy, folks. At the beginning of the month, we started a contest here and on the Facebook page where all readers that enter receive a free preview of The Bowl of Souls: Book Four, WAR of STARDEON.

It has been quite a success and the entries were piling up so I added a few more prizes. To recap, here they are:

All who enter get Chapter One of WAR of STARDEON and a handsome desktop background featuring the covers of the first three books.

Grand prize: A signed first edition copy of Eye of the Moonrat with the original alternate lettering scheme. There were only fifteen of these printed before the lettering was changed so they are very rare. I will personalize the signature if you wish. Also included will be a signed deck of Universal Cards with instructions on playing the Game of Elements or Unity.

Contest Image 2

Second Prize: A signed first edition copy of Eye of the Moonrat with the original alternate lettering scheme.

Two additional prizes: A signed deck of Universal playing cards.

Also added today at a whim, a final MYSTERY PRIZE.

Entry Rules are still as follows: Share the word about the Bowl of Souls books in the month of January. This includes Amazon reviews, Written reviews on Goodreads, posting about the books on forums, blogs, twitter. even just telling a friend or family member that bought the book thereafter.

Then come to either the Facebook Page or Blog and leave a post telling me about your share. Please leave a link to your post if possible. I will then send you the free goodies and enter you into the prize drawing to be held January 30th.

Each DIFFERENT WAY you share the book counts as an additional entry. You can get your name into the hat as many times as you wish and this will increase your chances to win. Please do. The point of this contest is just to let people know the books exist. I don’t have a publishing company with an advertizing wing to spread the word for me. I am dependent on my readers. (Who are the best out there and have FANTASTIC taste in literature by the way.)


Lenny is on Twitter and talkin’ up  a storm Follow him at @lennyswears .

Here is a sample of his twitter bluster:


Dag-gum blasted rockbiter!

Some corn-jigger tried to pass me some fake coins today. Broke his gall-durn arm!

If’n yer stew don’t make you regret you was born the next mornin’, it weren’t made by a Firegobbler!

Blasted boot’s got a dag-gum hole it it. What the? That dag-blamed Gwyrtha’s done been chewin’ it again!


Blasted frog-lickin’ rogue horse buried me in my dag-burned sleep again last night. Got dirt in places I’ll never dag-gum find!

Lemme tell you somethin’. Bear meat is tougher’n a gall-durn boot heel.


Garl-friggin’ nose-bitin’ Half-orc won’t give me a dag-gum break!

You gotta know it’s dag-gum love when a woman chews yer hind end like a cow chewin’ cud.

@lennyswears is updated daily

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