Blow it up! New slate of covers

So in my last post, I told you about the new cover of Eye of the Moonrat by the incomparable Renu Sharma,

She updated the lettering on the cover as well as providing the artwork. I asked her about the lettering on the other books and she felt that they didn’t look quite professional enough. So I went and created new lettering schemes for all three other books in the series so far so that they could match the first one better. Then I updated them on Amazon for Kindle. So here they are in Chronological order:

This is Renu’s work of course, and uses the pattern I tried to follow with the others. On the next one Renu suggested the title in white since the red lettering was harder to see against the black background.

This third one I didn’t have to change as much. Just had to outline the letters manually since the software I use doesn’t do it automatically. I like it. Reminds me of the letters on the old Robert Jordan Wheel of Time  books.

The cover for hilt’s pride ended up being my favorite of the three new covers. I took some of the grey from the steam rising off the mountain in the center for the title and made the outline extra thick. It grows on me more each time I see it and I have always loved the pattern in the background and how it looks all worn and smudged.

Please comment and tell me what you think about the new designs. Which is your favorite?


Trevor H. Cooley


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