Behemoth Release Promotion. FREE Tarah Woodblade.

Howdy Folks! Spirits are high here at Firegobbler Ranch. Behemoth was released Saturday and the reviews are coming in. So far the reaction has been great.

In celebration, I am running a Free Tarah Woodblade promotion. The Kindle edition of Tarah Woodblade will be free on Amazon until midnight on Saturday, July 8th.

I want everyone who hasn’t given the Jharro Grove Saga a chance to pick it up so please tell your friends. In addition, I have codes for the Tarah Woodblade Audiobook that I am willing to give away for the same cause.


If any of you have finished Behemoth please post in comments or email me using the contact page and let me know what you think. Also, the book can really use more reviews so leave one and I will love you forever. (In a brotherly way.)

Thanks all and again, please share!

Trevor H. Cooley

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