A Quick Update: Noose Jumpers, Bowl of Souls, and Audiobooks

Howdy folks! Things have been crazy the last few weeks I have been working hard, pulling all-nighters in order to finally get Noose Jumpers finished. We are in the editing stage right now. I got a few tweaks to make, however we are really close. Like this weekend close. So keep an eye out here or on my Facebook Or Twitter pages so that you can know the minute Noose Jumpers is released.

Next, I’m going full steam on the Jharro Grove, book five. This one main focus is on Fist and the battle in the mountains. I’m not quite ready to announce the title yet because my wife/editor and I are debating some options. What do you think? I like “The Ogre Mage” (Because of Fist’s growth with his powers) but she feels that could be confusing since we already have “The Ogre Apprentice.” I am also tossing around the title, “The Black Lake”. Not quite sure about that one. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Also, there is something else I would like to address regarding the Bowl of Souls. I have received several messages from people concerned that with this next book being book ten and with me starting this new Noose Jumpers series, that the Bowl of Souls series and the world that inhabits it will be coming to an end. Heck, maybe some of you are hoping it will finally be over. Well, I can promise you that this is not the end. There will be six books altogether in the Jharro Grove Saga (So one more concluding volume after this next one.) I also have plans for two more Sagas in the series. After all, there is the Dark Prophet himself to contend with as well as that mysterious 4th prophet that John alluded to in Ogre Apprentice. Even then I don’t know that it will be over. Though characters may live and die, the world will not. I have been living and breathing the world of the Bowl of Souls since I was a teenager. I have a feeling that as long as I am still breathing and writing there will never truly be a LAST Bowl of Souls book.

In audiobook news, Andrew Tell has started narration on the Troll King. We hope to release it on Audible and Itunes by the end of this month or early August at the latest. Then he will start on Noose Jumpers with a release some time this fall.

Thank you so much, everyone, for you patience. I will update later this week when I have uploaded the finished Noose Jumpers novel to Amazon.




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