The War of Stardeon is coming . . .

I know that many of you are dying to find out when Book Four will be out.

I am writing it as fast as I can, I swears. The plan is to have a cover ready next month. In the meantime, the prologue is available at the end of  Hilt’s Pride which is available here for only .99!

My goal is to have the book edited and out by May 13th which is one year from the day I put Eye of the Moonrat out on Amazon. If I can get it out any sooner, you will hear about  it here first.

As a special offer: If you have read all three books and Hilt’s Pride and have left at least one review on Amazon or Goodreads, let me know  in the comments below and I will email you a copy of chapter one, which was previously only available to the people who participated in the contest in January.

Here are some things to look forward to in book four: Slight Spoilers ahead

Learning the secrets to Justan’s swords.

A Charz / Talon fight

The creation of the rogue horses and the Rings of Stardeon  are revealed.

Justan reuniting with Jhonate and Vannya.

And of course, an epic battle to decide the fate of the Battle Academy.

Keep checking back for updates!

Trevor H. Cooley

By the way, who do you think wins a Charz / Talon fight?

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15 Responses to The War of Stardeon is coming . . .

  1. Chris says:

    Hi, I am on holiday and ran out of books to read, my friend recommended this series and I bought the first book off the Kindle site, I then read all four of them in about 48 hrs 🙂 I would really appreciate the 1st chapter of the 4th one to tide me over until it is released…

  2. I would love to! Sending it now!

  3. puri says:

    Hello Trevor,
    Great Series really enjoyed it. I wrote a review on (german). I felt obligated to write it in german so my fellow countryman can see how amazing your books are. I’m kinda on a turkey here since im eagerly awaitng the War of Stardeon. Would be great if you’d send me the first chapter.


  4. M. Pugh says:

    Loved all the books! Only took me two weeks to read the released ones. I can’t wait until the next installment. PLEASE send chapter 1 to me.

  5. Johnathan R. says:

    i saw the post and have just recently written about my favorite character and hopeful expections of future revelations. i would like to read the the first chapter of the war of stardean as soon as possible so please email me!

  6. Adedayo says:

    This series is bloody awesome. I haven’t written a review yet as I finished the books in a little less than 2 days. I love how Justan is not given a stupidity “handicap” that author often default to when they have a very powerful protagonist. Well done, I couldn’t put the books down. I also volunteer for proofreading. Do you have a rough rough estimate on when we will get the next book?

    • Adedayo,

      So glad you like them. Let me know when you have a review up and I will send you that first chapter!

      So who is your favorite character?

      I am aiming for finishing it by the one year anniversary of the first book, which is march 13. I would love to have it done sooner. So much depends on work and other responsibilities, but I am writing every spare minute.

      • Adedayo says:

        I have the review for book 1 up on amazon.
        My favorite characters in descending order


  7. Shaun Zimmerman says:

    I have done all these things Sir Trevor and even purchase the universal deck! I’m hooked! So looking forward to Justan’s reunion with the girls. May seems so far away – let me know if you need a proofreader! 🙂 thanks!

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