Book Eight Title Announcement and Audiobook Narrator

Howdy folks.

It has been a full month since the release of Protector of the Grove and the response was been wonderful.

August 20th was also the one year anniversary of the day I quit my day job of fourteen years to write full time. I really want to thank all of you for taking your valuable time and actually spending it on reading my books. And for those that tell their friends about them, thank you even more. It is crazy to think that this is my job. I still get a thrill every time I think about someone new reading about these characters that have occupied my mind for so long.

Now to the promised announcement. When I finished Protector of the Grove, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to name the next book. I knew the general plot, of course, but my wife and I argued back and forth about the title. There were several that I liked, but for one reason or another, they didn’t quite fit. Finally I came up with one that both my wife and I could agree on.

Book Three of the Jharro Grove Saga will be titled, THE OGRE APPRENTICE.

If you haven’t read Protector of the Grove yet, MINOR SPOILERS BEGIN

Yes, most of you have guessed what the title means. Fist has a major role in the next book. Somewhat like Protector of the Grove, it will mainly follow two parallel story lines. Fist’s and Justan’s, with Tarah’s adventures taking somewhat of a minor role for now. The release date is planned for October. (Sorry I can’t get more specific than that.) Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the release.


Announcement number two has to do with the audiobook for Eye of the Moonrat. After going through many auditions, we found the person we felt best suited the job. His name is James Foster. He has a number of other books under his belt and he is professional and great to work with. You can read more about him and listen to samples on his site or at Audible. Please contact him and tell him how excited you are to listen to Eye of the Moonrat.

He should be finished with the narration by the end of October and then we will need to submit it to Audible for approval. Again, stay tuned here for updates as we get closer.



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4 Responses to Book Eight Title Announcement and Audiobook Narrator

  1. Hello, I am a fellow Indie author, and also quit my day job of fourteen years last August after the success of my fantasy series. I’ve seen you around the rankings for the last year and a half or so, ever since I started seeing Eye of the Moonrat on Amazon. Just wanted to reach out and say congratulations. Crazy isn’t it? This was a pipedream for me for years, and now it is a reality. Good luck in the future, I’ll see you around the best-seller lists 😉

    • Michael, that’s great. I’ve seen your books around in the rankings as well. Congrats on quitting your day job. Funny how we both did it at the same time. Hey, send me a message on my contact button here or at my Facebook page and maybe we can do a cross promotion some time.

  2. Thank you for reading, Mark! Who is your favorite character?

  3. Mark Webster says:

    Just wanted to say love your books just finish protector of the grove can’t wait for ogre apprentice. Thanks for writing your stories.

    Mark Webster

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