War of Stardeon available! Full paperback cover unveiled.

For those who missed it, The War of Stardeon was released a couple days early. In the first 24 hours it zoomed up to #34 in Kindle Epic Fantasy! If you haven’t bought it yet, GET IT NOW HERE.

Also today the print edition is available on Create Space HERE.  It will appear on Amazon in the next few days as well.

Here is the full cover in all its glory. Renu even put some moonrats in the background for me. Notice their green eyes this time. Click on it to see the full res version.


In other news we are also working on a Hilt’s Pride print edition. Michael Patty who put the map together for me is working on a back cover for that book and I will announce that here when it becomes available.

In Map news, the interactive version is coming together beautifully and I am working on the histories for each individual area. I hope to announce that soon as well. Exciting times around here.

Please tell your friends about the series. Tell your enemies. Tell your frienemies! Help us spread the word about the Bowl of Souls series! Thanks,

Trevor H. Cooley

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