Tarah Woodblade release imminent! Like tomorrow imminent!

(Update: I just submitted the book to Amazon. It should be available in a few hours!)

Hey, folks. I just finished writing the epilogue. I am planning to do some final polishing and post it to Amazon tonight. That means it should be available on Kindle tomorrow at some point.

I will post an update to the blog the moment I post it. In the meantime, I have added the new map for Tarah Woodblade to the map page.

Also I thought I would show you the cover before and after. I think you guys should see what a great job Renu did transforming the image.

I wanted the cover to be Tarah squatting by some tracks in a winter forest scene, her face mostly hidden.

This is what she started with.

before photo

You can see the beautiful leather work and more by Nancy Sirois here www.lagueuse.com

I wanted the armor to be more practical, covering more of her skin, and I also wanted it to be gray like moonrat leather would be. Then she added some distressing affects and changed the fur to be the same texture as the moonrat on her previous covers. She also added in Tarah’s staff and a bow and quiver. After some lighting effects, she came out with the amazing cover you see here.


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