Tarah Woodblade available in paperback and June news update!

Howdy folks!

It’s been a while. There are multiple recent developments in my life.

I finally have internet in my new house. After 12 weeks of waiting for my request to pass from desk to desk at the cable company and waiting for the electric company to come in and replace a pole at my house, it’s finally here and installed. I have spent the last few days working on several projects that I could only handle online. (This is life as an independent author. You have to do everything yourself. No publishing company to handle things.)

First thing accomplished: Tarah Woodblade is now available in paperback!

I just received an email that the book is available for purchase on Createspace. They are the company that prints my books. The book will also be available on Amazon shortly.

Here is the Createspace link: https://www.createspace.com/4840254 . By the way, I make a bigger profit if physical copies of my books are ordered here than elsewhere, but if you have Amazon Prime you will save money ordering them there.

Here are my next projects:

1. Finishing Protector of the Grove. I am planning on an end of June/early July release date. (I am already working with the lovely and talented Renu Sharma on the cover and it is very exciting.)

2. Putting the Moonrat Saga on audiobook. I will be working with Audible to get a voice actor to partner with me on this. I have no idea what kind of timetable to expect, but this is happening.

3. I will be working with my buddy, Michael Patty, to update the map for the Jharro Grove saga.

4. I am putting together a character name pronunciation guide and general Bowl of Souls encyclopedia. I will include some of this in the back of future books and also be posting it here on my website for reference.

In other news, I am scrapping an idea I was working on for a Slenderman short story. I have been debating with myself whether to tell you all this, but I was going to release it as a surprise this fall between the release of The Protector of the Grove and the next book in the Jharro Grove Saga. What those teenage girls in Wisconsin were up to completely deflated my idea for the story. It was going to be a Creepy Pasta-style first person story. The problem is that it would have fed too much into the kind of stuff those girls were obsessed with and at the very least it would have made me look like I was either being insensitive, or I was just latching onto the idea as a lame publicity thing. Anyway, RIP Slenderman story.

I’ll end this post with a few Protector of the Grove teasers. Possible spoilers if you have not finished the Moonrat Saga and Tarah Woodblade yet.


The book follows two major storylines. The primary story is Justan and Jhonate traveling to Malaroo to meet her father. The secondary story follows Tarah and Djeri as they recruit some familiar friends from Coal’s Keep and chase after Shade and the rogue horse he has captured.

Expect appearances and/or Major roles from past players in the Bowl of Souls series including Willum, Tolivar, Lenny, Bettie, Hilt, Beth, and Yntri Yni to name a few.

Thanks everyone and keep your eyes on the site because this is where I will keep you informed.

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Trevor H. Cooley



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