Protector of the Grove cover revealed!

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Exciting exciting times around here at Bowl of Souls central. (By which I mean me sitting in my office and my wife stopping by from time to time to tell me to fix something.) I am nearing completion on Protector of the Grove! We are still on target for a late July release.

Today I received the finished cover for the book by the lovely and talented Renu Sharma and I have got to say, I like it a lot. Okay, I love it.


Click the picture for a zoom because you really should see the detail work here. It is stunning.

If you are wondering, yes this is Jhonate’s father, Xedrion bin Leeths, the titular Protector of the Grove on the cover. Note the work Renu did on the scars, the braids, the ribbons. All of it fabulous. Also, Yes, he is wearing  Jharro wood armor.

Here is the back cover blurb for those wondering what the book is going to be about”

“Jhonate’s reprieve from her father has been cut short. She is forced to return home to Malaroo, bringing Justan along with her. The journey she has avoided for so long has become all the more difficult because someone wants Justan dead.

The rogue horse Esmine, a mythical beast of remarkable power, has been captured by a troupe of dwarf smugglers. They are taking her to the nation Alberri where a gnome scholar awaits with a vicious plan to sacrifice the beast and bind its powerful soul to make a weapon of mass destruction. Tarah Woodblade must gather a group of warriors and rescue Esmine before she is taken to Alberri.

Evil stirs. Darkness is building. But can anyone trust Xedrion, The Protector of the Grove?”

Here is a preview for the full cover art for the print edition that shall be available a day or so after the ebook.


Did I mention its coming out this month? We are just weeks away. If you haven’t read Tarah Woodblade yet, pick it up now because it is required reading to fully understand what it going on with these characters now.

Once the book is out I will get to work putting together audiobooks for the Moonrat Saga. As of right now I have no idea how long that process is going to take, so please be patient with me there. Next on my list will be working on book three of the Jharro Grove saga titled NAME PENDING, Just kidding there, but I really haven’t decided on the title yet. I have several of them floating around. I might make you wait until you read the stinger at the end of Protector of the Grove.

Please comment below and tell me what you think. Also tell your friends because this is a great time to jump into the world of the Bowl of Souls.

Thanks and I appreciate all of you for your support,

Trevor H. Cooley

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