Priestess of War release on Christmas Eve!

Keep this image in your mind:
There is a room surrounded in smoke and crackling electricity. A fire is blazing in the hearth. At a table in the center of the room are Justan and Willum playing cards against Theodore and Artemus. The air is full of Yuletide cheer . . . and thinly veiled insults.
Merry Christmas all!

That’s right, just four days away! It’s my gift to you!

If you want to get me something, please buy it! I’ll have full details on the release date.

Finishing up the ending and doing edit work as we speak! Exciting times!

In the meantime, if you can’t wait and want to give me an early present, Noose Jumpers is already available!


For you audiobook readers it will take a little longer. As soon as the book is ready, I’ll be sending a copy directly to Andrew Tell so that he can start recording. Depending on his schedule, we could see narration finished at some point in the next month. Stay tuned!


Trevor H. Cooley

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5 Responses to Priestess of War release on Christmas Eve!

  1. Zek says:

    I’ll be buying it. Any idea when during the day it’ll be available? Or does it depend on when Amazon processes it and puts it out?

    • Zek,

      It’s hard to say. It does depend on when Amazon processes things and I don’t know if that’s delayed at Christmas Eve. I’ll post again when I know more. Usually I submit it and find out it’s available when a fan tells me they got it!. The earlier the better, though. Christmas Eve is an odd release date. People are busy with family and activities. I hope this isn’t a mistake releasing it now. Time will tell.

  2. Bob says:

    Trevor, I will be buying both the kindle release and the audiobook. But I am curious if you are able to get the folks at audible to note your book will be released soon to audiobooks are their coming soon section. Not sure how well that section helps their sales since it is not an obvious find on their website but I know a couple of audiobook users that like me check it a couple of times a month to see what is being released and probably do over half of their purchases through that feature. Heck, I think I probably have to buy additional credits from them at least once a month because of it.

    • Bob,

      I’m not sure, bit I’ll be looking into it. I don’t know how they decide when to add books to that list. I wonder if you have to be a major publisher with a title already finished and just waiting for the release schedule. Often times, they want a specific date of release and I won’t have that until Andrew Tell finishes narrating it.

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