Priestess of War is Available in Paperback

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You read the headline. The Priestess of War paperback is now here. Click to enlarge and see more of Renu’s beautiful artwork.


Here is the link to the book on Createspace:

The Amazon link is here:

It’s been over a week since the release of Priestess of War on Kindle and I’m happy with the response from those of you who have had the time to read it. Here’s one review I enjoyed from Jubal Early.

Trevor H Cooley is the reason I have Amazon Unlimited. Discovering a talented author that does not have the backing of a large publishing house has become a bit of a hobby for me. Trevor was my first. You can really tell that he has grown as an author over the course of his 10 novels (11 if you count Noosejumper’s which is a different series).

I don’t want to give plot points away, but for a book series that started with your standard “young bumbling protagonist discovers that he is super awesome” trope, it has developed into a story with mostly three dimensional characters that you genuinely care about. Trevor’s strength is in the relationships he builds. Considering that most of his characters have at least one other person that they are bound to that can read their thoughts, Trevor does a great job distinguishing between inner monologues, inner dialogues, and actual dialogue, which occasionally overlap.

I loved this book. While not my favorite book in the series, it is without question the most well written and continues the story very well. I hope you give this author a chance. He is delivering an excellent experience.


Thanks, Jubal! If you haven’t got your copy yet, please do.

Despite the excitement and response from readers so far, the books overall sales numbers have been slower than expected. For some reason Amazon hasn’t yet sent out messages to my past readership to let them know that the new book is out. If people don’t know, it’s really quiet and we need to get this book to climb the charts so that new readers will hear about the series. So, if you have finished the book, please leave a review of your own. That will help get Amazon’s attention.

Thank you all so much for your support. Without you, there wouldn’t be a Bowl of Souls series.


Trevor H. Cooley

P.S. For those of you waiting eagerly for the audiobook, it will be just a little bit longer. Andrew Tell has a couple of projects to finish for other authors before he can get started. I will keep you posted. If you haven’t read any of the audiobooks or are somewhere in the middle, let me know and I can get you one free copy. I’m still running that promotion (books 1-8) and for now I’m also including Noose Jumpers as an option.

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5 Responses to Priestess of War is Available in Paperback

  1. Brian says:

    I was one of those people that did not get an Amazon notice that your book was released. Sorry it took me this long to write a review, as you can tell I am a big fan of your work. If writing reviews for your other books well help let me know and I will find the time to write a review for each one. Thanks again for your continued writing.

    Wow. This was my second favorite book in the series. I could not be more happier how Trevor Cooley has grown as an author since his first book, Eye of the Moonrat. He has woven together classic epic-fantasy ideas, races (goblins, elves, and ect.), and magic systems with new outlooks and innovative tweaks to create a wonderful and unique world. He writes faster pace novels with the perfect blend of action, character development, and world building. There is not just one major gasp scene or cliff hanger at the end of the book, a trait that is common with most independent writers. His books follow many different characters; some good, some evil, and others to be determined (not as intense as game of thrones). It allows for you to witness many events influencing the world while not being stuck geographically to one location, as well as seeing the perspectives and motivations for why characters are behaving as they are. That was my “elevator speech/review” of the series. If you wish to continue reading I will provide a more in depth review below.

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself as a reader. My favorite author’s other than the aforementioned are Brandon Sanderson, Jim Butcher, Michael Sullivan, and Will Wight (Peter Brett jury is still out). I have read J.K. Rowling, Robert Jordan, Patrick Rothfuss, Anthony Ryan, Brian McClellan, K.J. Parker, Brent Weeks, David Daglash, Joe Abercrombie, Robin Hobb, and countless others. Many of you who know these authors will notice that my preferred authors may differ in page count (thank you Sanderson), however their stories and series tend to stay on the lighter side of epic fantasy.

    Trevor Cooley’s series and writing style is most similar to Michael Sullivan series Riyria Revelations. They both are great story tellers. Each author writes at a faster pace, but still takes to the time to bring you the moments of every day life that makes the characters real, relatable, and most importantly loveable. David Daglash, in my opinion, had great characters and ideas, but fell short in the development process. His characters were stagnant never really growing and having the same story arc, to me that got a bit repetitive. This is where Trevor Cooley SHINES as a writer. We get to see perspectives from many different races, genders, and even Animals :). Dialogue and monologue provided by these varying characters adds fun insights, new concepts, and can often clash/mesh with characters. If you were to read the first book in this series and than the latest, you would recognize the characters name, but NOT who they have become.

    This is not as intense or complex as a Dresden novel or Stormlight series book, but every bit as good. Jharro Grove Saga has added political intrigues and conflicts of greyer nature for our heroes to deal with. As the dark prophet gets closer to his return the world is getting a bit scarier, and life harder to navigate. Yet, it still has its laugh out loud moments. Willum with his talking axe (yes a talking axe) and Lenny the fun-loving, cursing, drinking, friendliest, bestest dwarf.

    The story is never rushed, and each book is its own adventure was well as building upon the larger story arc. If you are looking for fun characters and a great story I would suggest starting this series. I hope for those of you brave enough to give this book and/or series a try find as much enjoyment as I do.

    • Brian,

      That was a great review. I shared it on my Facebook page and Twitter yesterday. Thanks immensely! It would actually be a great help if you would be willing to leave reviews on at least the Jharro Grove Saga books. Also Noose Jumpers. I could really use more reviews on that book.


      • Brian says:

        Thank you, I am glad you liked it. Awesome that it made it to your facebook page and Twitter!!! Upon re-reading I know see there were a few typos, I will do betterr. Next week I will start pumping out reviews.


  2. Nathan says:

    Has anyone approached you yet about using your series for a videogame?
    I think a skyrim type thing where you play as a bonding wizard and can choose to start at the mage school, battle academy or at alberri etc would be awesome. With different characters you can bond with giving you different stats and abilities.
    Its perfect. Love your series, I really hope more people discover it

    • Nathan,
      No, but I think it’s a great idea. If any development company is interested, I’d definitely give them a listen.
      I’m glad you like the books. Please leave a review if you can!

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