New Bowl of Souls book Hilt’s Pride is here!!

I was able to get Hilt’s Pride released a day early on 12/14.

To my surprise when all was said and done, this novella clocked in at over 37,000 words. I love the story and the characters and I hope you do too.

Hilts Pride Coverlarge center lettering

Some early reviews are in and I am enjoying people’s reaction to Beth. Readers are loving her personality and that makes me quite happy because my love for her character is why this story got away from me.

This is a stand alone story and can be read along with or separate from the rest of the series. I also intended it to be a good introduction to the world and my writing style for those people hesitant to start a series. So please feel free to recommend it to all your friends who are fence sitters.

To those of you that are reading this and saying “Hey, where’s book four?” Don’t worry. I am still working on it. Also to help ease the pain I have included a 16 page preview of book four at the end of the novella.

The book is priced at 1.99

Thanks for the support!!

Trevor H. Cooley

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