Moonrat Saga package deals in time for Xmas!

Hey folks!

Do you need help with some last minute Christmas shopping? I’m here for you. Do you have someone that you have been trying to convince to buy my books? I got your back.

Today I am releasing the complete Moonrat Saga for kindle purchase. It comes in two parts for 7.49 each (Thanks to Amazon’s Kindle policies, I can’t put all six books in one large compendium.)


Part One includes Eye of the Moonrat, Messenger of the Dark Prophet, and Hunt of the Bandham.

To give it to someone for Christmas, just click on the little image that says: “Give as a Gift”. You can have it sent right to their Kindle.


Part Two includes Hilt’s Pride, The War of Stardeon, and Mother of the Moonrat.

Buying the two sets will save you three dollars (US) over the cost of buying all six books individually, so it’s a good way to go. Please tell your friends, tell your enemies, and tell your frenemies.

Remember, Tarah Woodblade comes out late January. Read the first chapter HERE

Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

Trevor H. Cooley

P.S. Click Here for a personal message. (Joke)


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